Great quote


Great quote

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
   -Joshua J. Marine

AMRAP in 7min
15 Front Squats (95/65#)
15 Push Press

Justin being judged from the watchful eye of Marc

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    1. Kevin

      No idea. It’s blind voting. But with Jane voting 165 times in one sitting, we must be doing alright!

      Keep voting everyone! We can do this!

  1. Marcel

    I am extending an invite to CF Moncton to come watch UFC 129 GSP vs Shields at our place this Saturday. I’ll leave our address and my email at the gym, just drop me a note to let me know if you are coming so I know how much grub to have on hand.

  2. Johnny

    Run 800m

    AMRAP 7min
    15 front squats
    15 push press
    Result: 3rds 10 FS

    Strength: Deadlifts (x1)
    (110 PR!!!)
    Would like to try more but I took to much time resting! Very excited that my deadlifts are finally stronger!! It was a lift I was very scared for before!

    Muscle up x2

    1. Johnny

      WOD with 75#
      MUs 2 in a row without letting go of ring – goal is 3 by June!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE & “Whoa” nice job Sonia!

  3. Amanda

    800m run
    WU x1

    Strength: Back Squats
    5x 80-90-100-115-130

    AMRAP in 7min
    15 Front Squats (60#)
    15 Push Press (60#)

    = 2 rounds

  4. Maria

    800m run
    Warm Up x 1
    Strength: Power Clean
    5x 35-45-55-65-65
    AMRAP in 7min
    15 Front Squats (35#)
    15 Push Press (35#)

    3 rounds + 15 FS and 6 PP

    1. Amanda

      Good to know how to recognize a burnout – in hindsight, I think I was burned out just before I went on vacation in March. Now I know what to watch for and will take rest periods as I need them.

  5. Ed king

    I have been through burn out but i don’t see myself as a ‘mature crossfitter’ i still have a lot to learn about me and my limits

  6. Elba

    800 m run
    WU X 1
    95-105-115-125-135-145 (PR)

    AMRAP 7 min
    15 front squat (50)
    15 puss press (50)
    2 rounds + 8 PP

  7. Patrick

    Shoulder Press: 3x
    65-75-85-95 (PR for reps)

    Showed up for today’s WOD but shortly after decided I am going to do 11.5 tomorrow night. So I ran 3k instead: 13:37

  8. Jamie

    800m Run

    Strength – Overhead Squats x 5

    WOD – AMRAP in 7 Mins
    15 Front Squats 95#
    15 Push Press 95#

    2 Rounds and 11 Push Press

  9. Lora

    800m run
    WU x 1 (modified for shoulder injury)

    Strength: 1-arm deadlifts (x5) (these were fun)

    WOD (modified for shoulder injury)
    AMRAP 7 min
    15 Front squats (65#)
    15 Good mornings (65#)
    4 rounds even (all sets unbroken)

    Cashout: 1 min couch stretch each leg

  10. 800m run
    WU x1
    Strength: Clean x 1

    AMRAP in 7min
    15 Front Squats (50#)
    15 Push Press (50#)

    Total rounds = 2rounds & 13 front squats

    cash out – couch & back stretch

  11. Tracy S.

    1000m Row – due to hamstring injury
    WU X1

    Strength: Push Jerk (1’s)
    65×4 – 75×1 – 85×1 – 95×1

    WOD @ 55#
    2 Rounds + 8 Front Squats.

    I find FS’s soooo hard on the wrists.

    Congrats John on the massive PR!!

  12. Heidi

    WU = 800 m run and practice Chest to Bar PU. Close, but not quite there yet. Saturday’s WOD is a bit frightening at this point.

    Push Jerks x 5 Reps

    WOD: 7 Minute AMRAP of
    15 Front Squats (65#)
    15 Push Press (65#)

    2 rounds + 6 FS.

    Much tougher WOD than I expected. The push presses were tough.

  13. Gabrielle

    First of all, nice to meet you Connie and Jocelyn 🙂 What a great community we keep growing!

    Mobility – 800m run + WU x 1 ( pullups on red band and pushups on toes)

    Strength – deadlift 5s

    65 WU 95-115-135-145-150 (my grip still feels week, but this is the first time I’ve been able to do deadlifts since January so I’m very happy)

    WOD AMRAP in 7 minutes of
    Front squats 65lbs
    Push presses 65lbs

    score 2 rounds and 8 front squats – the push presses were by far the hardest for me – my arms are still feeling weak from my injury but YAY for doing my first rxed arm workout since January 🙂 And, I’m happy to say my elboy still feels ok 😀

    After the WOD couch stretch 1 minute each leg, then did some DU’s to get back into the swing of things (highest round was 26, still a little off my PR of 34). I also did some rolling with my legs – I want to start doing more of that!

    Great job on another tough workout everyone!

  14. Hannah

    800 m run
    wu x 1
    press: 1 X 50, 1 X 65, 1 x 65, 1 x 70, 1 x 75 (pr)
    3 rounds of 15 OHS, 15 push press in 7 min
    cashout: 2 min. couch stretch

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