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Open Gym

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There’s an Open Gym from 1-3pm today.

I would recommend a workout like this because the week is going to be quite rainy!

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Compare to Nov.2/09

Janes 100# clean (which is a PR!)

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37 Responses to “Open Gym”

  1. I am extending an invite to CF Moncton to come watch UFC 129 GSP vs Shields at our place this Saturday. I’ll leave our address and my email at the gym, just drop me a note to let me know if you are coming so I know how much grub to have on hand.

  2. Less than a week left. Only have 6 days left to vote for the ScotiaBank Challenge.

    A new challenge!

    Copy this link. Forward it in an email or Facebook message to as many people as you can. Anytime after 7pm tonight, post how many people you sent it to. The person with the most forwards will receive a free Foam Roller!

  3. Jane, that was so cool to watch!! 🙂

  4. Kevin, could you cancel Marco and I’s class today. I know I have to call to cancel but it’s your day off. We are leaving for Fundy Park around 10:30 if anyone is interested call us 863-7701. We’re going to do about a 10k hike (white tail/costal).

  5. I’m not able to go today because I’m working, so I may go over tonight and do it on my own. I would hate to miss an outdoor WOD on such a nice day..

  6. Jane, bitchin job crossfit girl!

  7. Went to the gym to practice some running. Ran 800m
    Then tried 400m for a time of 2:35 which was a PR from 2:53.
    Then did another 400 at 2:32. Another PR. Very happy.

  8. 400m jog with the dog then another 800m jog for a WU
    4x800m run with aprox. 3 min. rest

  9. 4 rounds of 800m run:
    #1-> 4:02
    #2-> 4:02
    #3-> 4:05
    #4-> 3:53

    Congrats on the run PRs Heather!

  10. Bench Press @ the High School this am

    CFWU x 1

    Front Squat
    1×230 PR by 5

    WOD: 4 Rounds of 800m run (3 min rest between each round)

    2 Muscle up

  11. Run 800 m x 4

    #1 – 4:02
    #2 – 4:02
    #3 – 4:07
    #4 – 4:04

  12. I missed the runs! That would be the perfect length to start with.

    I had a guy coming to see our spare bedroom..
    small-ish room for rent if anyone needs one!

  13. 4x200m Run
    28.71 – with chute
    30.06 – none
    27.90 – with chute
    26.53 – none

  14. sent your facebook link to 101 folks through my email lists :o)

    good luck buddy

    Sean :o)

  15. 5km Run —> 27:07
    6 sec slower than two weeks ago. 1:39 slower than PR.
    What a great day! 🙂

  16. Can anyone beat Sean’s 101?

  17. 1 Mile run

    8:19 PR March 17 last year my time was 10:46

    Hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful day!!

  18. WUx2

    Strength – Front Squat X3
    135-155-175-185-200-225(f)-Only got 2

    WOD: 4 Rounds of 800m run (3 min rest between each round)
    1st – 3:29.78
    2nd – 3:29.5
    3rd – 3:33.41
    4th – 3:34.22

    Beautiful day!

  19. What a beautiful day!

    7km run


  20. just posted it on facebook …323 friends added to my 101 emails folks :o)

  21. Run 800m x 4

  22. […] to April 25/11 A big group came out for the strength seminar GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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