Open Gym


Open Gym

There’s an open gym today from 1-3pm. Please register to check for space.

Denis sprinting in to the finish

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  1. Mario

    Wishing everyone a happy easter week-end and good luck to those tackling WOD 11.5 tomorrow! You guys will rock this one!

    I got a fellow crossfitter with our group on our trip, will do a few simple WODs during the week between rounds of laying down under the hot sun!

    See y’all in a week! Mexico here I come! ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Mario

      I propose the following additional daily WODs for the next 9 days:

      AMRAP (5 mins)
      – Votes on Scotia Bank “Small Business Big Impact Challenge”
      – Post your longest vote streak without messing up the words verification thingy.

      Winner gets a sombrero when I get back!

      1. Mario

        I should’ve counted mine this morning, I got a whole bunch. By the way, not kidding, I will bring a souvenir for the winner!

        I want more equipment in the new gym. Like a giant clock that shouts random things at you during the workout.

        i.e. “Add more weight you pansy!”

      1. Elissa

        I just did 101 votes!

        but my biggest round without screwing up was my last one .. 27! lol.

        addictive when I compete.
        I wish I would get 56 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Johnny

    Anyone wanna go for a 4-5 k run today after the open session / slow pace 6-7min/km…. Just to enjoy the nice weather!! Let me know …. I’m leaving from the gym (CFM) at 3:00 pm ,…… Cell = 227-5646

    1. Johnny

      WU x 1

      Practice T2B (getting the hang of it)
      Practice powerclean

      Run 5km : 25’03”
      What a beautiful day!!!
      See yas tomorrow !

      1. Gabrielle

        I love John – awesome how he can do those and talk like he was just standing and not moving! Great video – thanks for sharing Jeff ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Kevin

        I’ve used pullup bars with tape before and they tear your hands to shit. You can use it if you want, but you’ll leave a bloody mess.

  3. Jeff

    It was a casual Open Gym today. You could sense some nervous energy as people were getting ready for Games WOD 11.5

    Earth Day WOD:

    Bike to Gym (6km)
    1 round of Games WOD 11.5
    Bike home (7km)

    Great job Corinna and Marc! That WOD looks brutal! From what I saw I’d suggest everyone pick a goal, determine a pace that will get you there and stick to it. Don’t let yourself burn out too fast.

  4. Corinna

    Glad that one is over!

    WOD 11.5

    5 rounds + 5 cleans + 9 Toes 2 Bar. I spent almost a minute and a half on the attempted 10th toes to bar, but my hands were ripped to shit and I just couldn’t do it! Overall, I did not mind the cleans nor the wall balls. I knew going into the WOD that the Toes to Bar would be challenging and slow because I do not have the required technique that allows you to effeciently do them.

    As I said, my hands are ripped to shit. 3 tears on my left hand and 4 tears on my right. Not sure how I am going to shave my armpits or legs this week-end. By Tuesday, I’ll be the female Sasquatch version of Marc…sorry Marc…just joking buddy. It was awesome doing this WOD with you today. Thanks again Sonia for judging me and the words of encouragement! Thanks to everyone who cheered as well.

    Good luck to everyone doing WOD 11.5 tomorrow!

    1. Elissa

      Good job Corinna & Marc! I wish I would have been there too!

      tomorrow I have hot yoga from 9:30-10:30.. hope I get to see half of you guys compete!!

  5. Great job on 11.5 today Corinna and Marc! Y’all killed it!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    That which did not get killed today…my 100# Power Clean.

    I’sjusfakin’, I’ll do it tomorrow x 5 fer sure!

  6. Marc H.

    WOD 11.5
    7 rds 10 T2B
    Wow this WOD surprised me. Thanks for the encouragement everyone and thanks Jeff for the judging. Good luck tomorrow to the competitors ๐Ÿ˜€

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