Did you see us on TV last night?


Did you see us on TV last night?

Games Competitors – please register for Saturday by 8pm tonight.

AMRAP in 10min:
10 Deadlifts (185/135#)
30 Double Unders

Compare to Dec.29/10

Jocelyn catching his breath after a sprint

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  1. Amanda


    Strength: Push Press
    5x 55-60-65-70-70

    AMRAP in 10min:
    10 Deadlifts (135#)
    30 Double Unders

    = 4 rounds + 10 DL’s (RX)

  2. Johnny


    WOD 11.5 practice
    Powerclean 100#
    Wall ball 20#
    Toes2bar practice – toughΒ 

    25 late burpees
    5 MUs

    Great work everyone!!! My Body is tired.. Looking forward to a few days off…

  3. Heather (Mum)

    WU X 2
    WOD 11.5
    5 Power Cleans 75 lb. 56 sec. and done. No toes to bar for me yet.

    So I used this as my strength and did the WOD for today.
    10 deadlifts 110 lb.
    4 double unders with lots of attempts

    Thanks Marc!

  4. WUx2
    Strength: overhead squats x 5

    AMRAP in 10min:
    10 Front squats (125# back problem)
    5 Double Under & 75 singles

    Total = 4 rounds + 5 DU’s

    Cash out – 2 min plank

  5. WUx2
    Strength: back squats x 1
    65,75,85,95,105, 110(PR 5#)

    AMRAP in 10min:
    10 deadlifts (130#)
    30 Double Under

    Total = 1 rounds + 16 DU’s
    Having a hard time with the Double under, but probably getting better lots of practice

    Cash out – 2 min plank

  6. Kevin

    If you have friends or family that plan on starting with CrossFit Moncton, our next batch of Group Fundamentals will be starting May 3rd. This will be the last chance to do Group Fundamentals before July, so get them into one of our free drop-ins on Saturday at 9am – April 23 and April 30.

  7. Tracey

    Warm Up x2

    Shoulder Press x1

    AMRAP in 10 min:
    10 Deadlifts (135#)
    30 Double Unders

    6 rounds + 6DLs

    Great to see you Gabrielle!

  8. Tracy S.

    WU X2
    No Strength; Just tested the deadlift weight to figure out max for WOD.

    ~ Deadlifts @ 85# (kept it light due to hamstring injury)
    ~ Double Unders
    3 Rounds +10 DL’s +2 DU’s

    1st 2 rounds of DU’s were ‘ok’ … 3rd had no rhythm at all… one at a time. That was tiring!!

  9. Jeanette

    WOD 11.5
    6 Rounds

    That was extremely uncomfortable and hands down the hardest Open WOD yet. I honestly didn’t even care if I finished this one. Thank you for the push everyone. Kevin, I appreciate the faith you had in me.

  10. Guy "Rackman"

    WOD 11.5
    5 Power cleans #145
    10 Toes to bar
    15 Wallball #20

    5 Rounds + 2 Power Clean

    It’s a tough one!

    Great job everyone who did it tonight! Thanks for the judging & cheering.

  11. Mario

    WOD 11.5 = one rep shy of 5 rounds (I think that was it, confirmation coach/judge?)

    I agree with Jeanette, this one was the least awesome of the games so far. Gotta get some cardio back and make friends with wall ball shots, and fast!

    I had to take an exit off Wheeler Blvd, stop in a parking lot so I could puke outside the car, which would have happened if I had food in my tummy. That was fun!

    Guy, Chantal, Jeanette, Patrick, good job to you all! Thanks Kevin for being impartial in your judging.

    Last but not least, thank you Ms. Wall Ball for smacking my square in the face on your way down to the ground.

  12. Hannah

    wu x 2
    3 sets of 15 on OHS-flexibility sucks!
    Thanks for the stretch tips, Kevin.
    AMRAP in 10min:
    10 Deadlifts (95)
    60 singles
    4 full rounds
    2 min. plank, 1 uninterrupted!

  13. Patrick

    WOD 11.5
    5 Power cleans #145
    10 Toes to bar
    15 Wallball #20

    7 rounds + 13 Wall balls

    I always find that 20+ min WODs are mentally challenging. This one was no exception.

    Big thanks to the coaches for staying late at the gym. Nice work Chantal, Mario, Jeanette and Ti-Guy. Chantal I’m really impressed with your toe-to-bar progress!!!

  14. Gabrielle

    Mobility plus modified WU (no pullups or pushups – elbow hurts from yesterday)

    Strength Back squat 5s


    WOD modified (because of elbow) AMRAP 10 minutes of
    10 goodmornings (45 lbs)
    15 boxjumps 20″

    8 rounds even

    (Need to work on straightening my legs at the top of my goodmornings)

    Nice to meet you Shelly πŸ™‚

  15. Gabrielle

    More great results from 11.5 – Congrats guys and gals πŸ™‚ And, excellent results from today’s WOD too! Go CFM Go!!

  16. Kerri

    Warm up X2

    Push Press X 1
    50-65-75-85 (PR) Tried 90 a few times but if just wouldn’t go up.

    AMRAP in 10 min.
    10 Deadlifts (135#)
    10 Double Unders & 60 Singles
    I forgot to write my score in my book….but I’m pretty sure it was 3 rounds 7 DUs.

    Gabrielle it was so great to see you! Glad you’re back.

    Tracy, thanks for the record sheet and for keeping me organized!!

  17. Chantal L.

    Games WOD 11.5

    Total —> 5 cleans. the rest of the 20 minutes was a toes to bar practice for me!

    I never really even tried a toes to bar before tonight. Thanks alot Patrick for your coaching. I didn’t get one tonight, but I’m getting closer! Great job everyone! I wish I could of stayed to watch the second heat!

    Have a great Easter weekend everyone, and good luck on everyone tackling 11.5 saturday!

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