Over half way


Over half way

We have four workouts down, and two to go.

We’ve been seeing a ton of PR’s being hit in the last 4 weeks, almost daily. Does competition drive you to push harder? You didn’t magically get a 20# PR because your muscles grew overnight. How much of your game is mental? If these were regular Saturday workouts, would you be putting up these numbers? These weights?

Let me know what you think in the comments…

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  1. Rob

    I think the competition aspect is huge. I love these Saturday workouts. I find I eat much better, it gives me something to strive for weekly and it has forced me to put a lot of practice into certain lifts, especially goats. My clean went up by 20lbs and my OHS went up by 15. Based on my current progression and the rotation in the strength exercises, it likely would have been months before I achieved that. My ranking is poor within the games but I could care less, although I wanted to do much better with each workout, overall I have made huge gains and know where I want to be for next year and what I need to do going forward.

    Watching others compete is more rewarding than doing it myself. Imagine if you were at a local gym and you put up 10 lbs PR on your back squat and everyone started cheering and high 5’ing you. You would think they were nuts, and don’t get me wrong, many of us are, but it is that aspect that we expect and appreciate, which drives us even harder.

    Also take notice to how many non-crossfitters have come in to watch the competition, this is huge for the growth of CF Moncton.

    Signing off,


    1. Johnny

      Nice post Rob! I saw a video of your “fist pump” when u got ur first squatclean&jerk at WOD 11.3… That’s what it’s all about!!!

  2. Jeff

    A couple of months ago there were only a few people that planned to enter the Games. Closer to game time many people signed up and a few had to be persuaded to do it. Looking back now I bet every single team member, all 31 of them, are thankful that they did. The Open is more about personal achievement and team spirit than it is about being the world’s fittest Firebreather. Every single one of us has a personal accomplishment through the first four weeks that we are proud of. Personally, I’m ranked pretty low in Canada East but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that for every single Games WOD I’ve pushed myself beyond my normal capacity for that given day. From what I’ve seen, everyone else has done that too. There are so many examples I can’t list them all here but just yesterday watching Corinna’s face as she was determined to do those OHS (I hope that’s on camera) or Rob’s fist pump last week when he got his Clean & Jerk PR. The list goes on and on… I hope all of you post your achievements on here today.

    I hope we can carry this level of support and movement standards into our regular WODs even after the Games are done. If it’s no rep on Saturday it should be no rep on Wednesday too. Holding ourselves to higher standards will only make us better.

    We’ve suffered through some challenging WODs and guaranteed the next two will not be easier. The Games are tough but the entire process is building stronger individuals and friendships. It’s an incredible experience.

  3. Amanda

    Very well said, Jeff and Rob!

    I think the Games itself doesn’t necessarily make us push harder, but the atmosphere around it… knowing what kind of atmosphere is going to be at the gym on Saturdays would make the Games competitors more motivated – and like Jeff said, we should definitely be carrying that beyond the Games. We do it well already, without the Games…but we can push the support and challenge each other harder in the regular WODs.

  4. Heather (Mum)

    I was unable to register for the Games as I did not have a double under. However, Kevin, as usual, talked me into doing all the workouts to see where I would be. Without these workouts, I know I would not have done 30 double unders in 10 min. or 10 hours for that matter. I would not have done 60 burpees in 10 min. The cheers from those watching, the encouragement from the judges, and the atmosphere in general all contribute to us pushing beyond what we think we have. I will be on the leaderboard next year. Thanks to everyone at CF Moncton.

    1. Johnny

      Good for u mum!!! With the Double unders and yesterday’s burpees , it’s been a huge month for u!!! Such an inspiration!

  5. Patrick and I have independently but simultaneously developed a “Secret Rocket Fuel” that propels us to greatness. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we’re not only unwilling, but unable to share it.

  6. Patrick

    I’ve talked about the Games Open to friends that are not familiar with Crossfit or the Crossfit Games. It’s hard to explain the reasons why I registered but I found a good analogy;

    A friend asked me if I was going to qualify for the games in California. I said not a chance. He said “well you must be hoping to make it to the regionals at least?”. I said “very unlikely”. So he asked me why I would bother competing if the caliber was so high. I answered:

    – “You play hockey right?”
    – “Yeah”
    – “Do you think you’ll ever make to the NHL?”
    – “Uh no”
    – “American League?”
    – “No, but I don’t compete for a chance to make it, I just play for fun”
    – “Granted. And that’s what we do all year. However, if you had a chance, for 6 weeks, to compete against the great ones like Crosby, Ovechkin, etc, put your name on the same leaderboard and measure where you stand worldwide, wouldn’t you want to try that? And then try again the next year to see your progress?

    This competition from me is a way to measure and validate the hard work I put in. That’s why I get really nervous before the games WODs even though I don’t stand a chance to qualify.

  7. Johnny

    The games dictate a workout for 6 weeks and it is (alittle) discouraged to scale SO even though a certain weight is much higher than our previous PR, we practice all week, think and dream about it all week to prepare us for the lift. For a few of these WODs, I’ve said “impossible”!!! “not gonna happen, that’s too heavy”: for the OHS this was true. But not for the SquatClean & Jerk. Completing 7 reps (3rds 1 SC) is something that will stay with me Forever! I don’t remember feeling such adrenaline: I actually in my head just 10 mins prior to trying the lift still told myself that its impossible for me at this time – the “impossible” 15 minutes later became “I’m possible” – I amazed myself – I don’t think that happens very often because I am havIng trouble remembering the last time I really did that!
    I have many powerful, and emotional memories of these past 5 week’s games – It’s been a lot if fun Crossfit Moncton – Atmosphere has been electric – I have brought as many new faces with me each week to experience the games and to see the difference our gym has – high 5s after PR, cheers, family!
    I’m very glad I decided to sign up. I hope I’m able this time next year to do it all again!

    1. Amanda

      Great post John! I want to tell you that your excitement for CrossFit Moncton is contagious…your passion in itself for what we do brings the atmosphere at the gym to a whole new level! It’s nice to have you with us!

      1. Johnny

        Wow!! Thanks – it’s a love we all share!! So holy crap nice OHS!! I did take a video on my phone and lifted from the bottom so freaking easily! I can’t till u see it !! I will post it to my account on YouTube and take it down promptly if u do not wish for it to be up any longer THOUGH it was pretty sweet – your reaction, high 5 with Pat and 20lb PR and all!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Mario

    I think the competition brings out the best in all of us, whatever our goals. We’ve seen a lot of people breaking that mental barrier and put out awesome effort, and get awesome results.

    I love the fact that its not just a personal thing, competing and all, but I also love watching and cheering others, especially when you get to witness one of the above mentioned case when someone manages to go above and beyond her/his past performance. Simply inspiring.

    Got me thinking, the 6th workout will most likely be epic. I foresee the sectionals ending with a bang. We will need a new gym, ’cause the roof might just blow off with all the energy and awesomeness.

  9. Rob

    WU x 1

    Deadlift Max Rep
    300 mother f’in lbs. PR by 15#

    Fridays WOD
    4 mins of rowing for calories
    1 min rest
    3 min of 95# thrusters

    79+16( I think)

    Great job to all those who did 11.4 today. I love Sunday’s!!

  10. Amanda

    OMG I’m excited…I’m not registered for the games but I’ve been doing the workouts anyway, and I got a 20lb PR on my OHS today. I can hardly believe it!

    I really want to say thanks for letting me do the workouts even though I’m not registered for the games. It makes me feel like I’m still part of it, and it’s been a lot of fun!

    And I also want to echo what Mario said about watching everyone else do the WODs… It’s very exciting to watch my CrossFit peers plowing through their goals on these workouts!

  11. Eric B.

    First off, another awesome day at the gym. Great job by all who did this weeks Crossfit Games WOD…some very, very impressive numbers.

    WU x 2
    Deadlift Max Rep
    New PR – 315lbs

    WOD from Friday
    4 mins of rowing for calories
    1 min rest
    3 min of 95# thrusters

    98+20 = 118

  12. Kevin

    I don’t really like the fact that people can do the workouts more than once, but my overhead squats yesterday blew chunks. All the other workouts, I knew I gave it my all. I had nothing left in the tank. Yesterday, I left pissed. I knew I could have done better.

    Fast forward to today…

    60 Burpees + 30 OHS + 7 Muscle-ups

    That took me from 151st place for that workout to 86th. Very happy with my results today. Thanks to all those who came out to cheer. It helped a lot!

  13. Gabriel

    First and formost, great posts today fella Crossfitters! I could not say it any better!
    Excellent job to those who did the WOD 11.4 as well. Always electrifying to watch!


    Pracrice some Muscle-up progression, stopped once my arms started to get sore. Thanks for the advice Pat!
    Practice DU’s.

    Then again…it happened. I got sucked in to do Friday’s WOD even though I said I’d be crazy to do it. Hahaha, should just keep my mouth shut!

    WOD from Friday
    4 mins of rowing for calories
    1 min rest
    3 min of 95# thrusters

    83+25 = 108

    Great job John, Rob and Eric on this WOD!

  14. John

    Came into the gym today at the halfway point of Darrell and Kevins WOD… check out the quick vids I got as I walked in…. Also youรจll find a Video of Sonia and Amanda during their WOD. Awesome Job today guys!!!


    (hope the link works) – I also snapped a bunch of pics yesterday and am slowly getting them on Facebook. Theyll be up shortly.

    Mobility + WUx2
    HSPU 2sets of 8 (abmat)

    WOD from Friday
    4min AMCAP Rowing
    1min rest
    3min 95#thrusters

    Result 68 + 19 = 87

    Happy to work on my main goats (rowing and thrusters). Have a great week!

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