This one goes out to the ladies


This one goes out to the ladies

The following post is from CrossFit Lisbeth.

CrossFit likes bad girls. Hell, CrossFit creates bad girls.

Pick the weight up. Throw the weight down. Swear out loud if you want to. Stand in a room with a bunch of half-naked hot bodies. Wear overpriced pants that make your ass look and feel fantastic. Sweat. Breathe heavy. Finish. Lay on the floor, exhausted, eyes closed, chest heaving. Get up and do it all again tomorrow.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: The barbell changes women. No properly coached CrossFit woman is immune to the lure — the Siren call — of the barbell.

Come here. I’ll take you places you always wanted to go. Put your hands on me. Feel what your power can do.

CrossFit is fantastic for men, but for women? Often, nothing short of transformative. For an hour a day, you get to take all of society’s polite expectations and old baggage and haunts of years gone by and throw that sh** in the corner. Pick up the barbell and become who you always wanted to be but were scared to really become. For an hour a day, you are the bad girl. Enjoy it . . . and go tell all your girlfriends, because every woman should get to feel like a bad girl sometimes . . .

Heather is one bad girl!

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  1. Jeff

    1:00pm – 3:00pm today.

    Please email if you plan to attend…

    If anyone wants to try Games WOD 11.3 again this will be your last chance.

  2. Tracy S.

    I’ve said it to many people that I’m surprised how much I like weightlighting. When I first started at CF, I figured that was going to be the least liked part…. however, that barbell IS so VERY addictive!!! It took me a while to get comfortable … but now… I can say that it’s simply EMPOWERING!!!!

  3. Amanda

    I LOVE that girl, and that is one of my very favorite of her blogs.

    “Put your hands on me. Feel what your power can do”

    Hell yes!

  4. Mel

    Tried WOD 11.3 again today and got 2 rounds! 😀

    Thank you to everyone that came out to cheer for Eric and I today. It means so much to know that I belong to this Crossfit family and that I can rely on you all to get me through my biggest challenges.


    1. Elissa

      Awesome Mel!!!
      I knew it was a mental block! Good job girl:)

      I am bad ass!! Crossfit is Empowering in all aspects of life! Love it!!

  5. Heather (Mum)

    Tried WOD 11.1 today. Got 30 DU’s in the 10 min. Still in shock.
    Thanks to everyone for all the cheering. Thanks Jeff for counting and scoring for me. Bad girls reign.

  6. Gabriel

    Mel, Eric, I knew you both had it in you after the persistence you had given us
    Great way to end WOD 11.3! 🙂
    Congratulations to both of you!

  7. Eric B.

    WU X 2

    2nd Attempt at Crossfit Games Workout 11.3: 1 Round plus 1 Squat Clean. YESSSSSS.

    Workout with Dan:
    800m run
    1000m row
    800m run

    Time: 11:01.

    THANKS SO MUCH, to everybody who came out today. As I sit here at home, enjoying a cold beer reflecting back this afternoon at the gym am I blown away by the support and motivation that this gym provides. I could start to perhaps cry a little and write an essay about how much I think of you all, but I will save that for another time.

    Jeff, like I told ya. You made my week by hosting an open gym this afternoon.

    Once again, awesome effort by everybody in this weeks crossfit games workout and thanks for the support.

  8. Mario

    Well now Im sorry I missed the performances. Parents dropped into town for a surprise visit so had to miss the open gym! Looks like there were some nice efforts, good job!

    What did Eric get? Seems like his 2nd attempt went well, from reading the comments.

  9. Mireille

    Well said Lisbeth! We are indeed powerful, gorgeous, sexy women!!! With every workout I feel my beauty, vitality and, dare I say it, libido grow. Hail to all Crossfit Goddesses and to the men who support us in our journey!

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