CrossFit Games Open 11.3


CrossFit Games Open 11.3

Don’t forget to submit your scores on the Games Site by 9pm tonight.

10:00am – Rules and announcements of the heats
10:15am – The first heat begins and continues every 15 minutes

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

1 Squat Clean (165/110#)
1 Push Jerk

Keep this in mind during the workout

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  1. Marc H.

    Good luck to everyone today on the WOD. Hopefully we can celebrate the mid games with you tonight at the gym at the poker fundraiser πŸ˜€

  2. Dan

    Another crazy Saturday. Great job all competitors and thanks again to Kevin, the judges and cheering squad!

    WOD 11.3: 12 Rounds

  3. Mario

    Great times at the gym once again!

    WOD – 15 rounds

    Thanks all for the push during those 5 min, and good job everyone, lots of great efforts, lots of deep digging and lots of heart!

  4. Chantal L.

    Great saturday! What amazing people we have here a CF moncton. I am amazed by Mel, Eric, Gillyon and Heidi (sorry if I am missing someone) who never gave up all through these 5 minutes, even if they couldn’t get the rep in. I think you guys are the real wod killers here ;)!

    Welcome back Elissa! So happy to see you! πŸ˜€

    WOD 11.3
    14 rounds plus 1 squat clean = 29 reps

    Have fun @ poker night!

    1. Gillyon

      Thanks for the sweet words. Frustration set in for sure…and lots of f bombs were dropped. Dave took some pictures and after seeing the visual, I totally understand why that second jerk would not go up. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone. πŸ™‚

  5. Corinna

    I totally agree with every word you wrote Chantal. Strength is measured in many different ways and we saw proof of that today.

    Speaking of someone with strength, it was great seeing you today Elissa!

    WOD 11.3: 13 rounds + 1 rep

    Thanks for the judging and the coaching Sonia. Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer. Today was my first Saturday WOD and I had a blast which was largely due to the fact that there was so much positive energy in the gym!

    Have fun at poker night tonight!

  6. Gabriel

    Great to see you back Elissa!
    Superb job on this tough WOD everyone!

    –> 2Rounds + 1 Squat Clean
    5reps total

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  7. Kevin

    16 rounds

    Wanted a few more, but back was out at 14 rounds. Ice for me all weekend! Yay!

    Outstanding displays of effort this morning. I know some of you learned that you need to rest before a big day like this. Others learned that being consistent and maintaining good form is the key to a workout like this.

    Either way, I hope you’re all taking something from this experience. Rob said registering for the Games was the best thing he could do because it gives him a goal and he has improved his eating as a result.

    It’s not all about getting the highest score or putting up the most weight. It’s about self-improvement.

    Are you better than you were a few months ago? A year ago? If so, you’re doing something right.

    Keep up the great work everyone. As always, if you have any questions about training, diet, resting (ya, that’s extremely important too), let me know. I’m here for you!

  8. Joanna

    7 Rounds + 1 Squat Clean

    Happy with my score! Another great Saturday, amazing atmosphere and effort by everyone πŸ™‚

    1. Amanda

      Ya, you did great, Jo! I was happy to know what you were shooting for before you started and was excited when you went by it. Great job!

  9. Jeff

    WOD 11.3
    9 Rounds… 18 reps.

    I had a goal of at least 10 rounds. I failed my very first Jerk because I was nervous. I failed another jerk later on so overall I’m happy with my score and I know I could have reached the 10 rounds. Thanks Gillyon for judging. Incredible effort everyone! Another fun Saturday with tons of energy in the room. πŸ™‚

  10. MC

    WOD 11.3 as Rx’d – 7 rounds + 1
    I need to stop avoiding heavy push jerk and practice them!
    Thanks Sonia for coaching me!

  11. Heather (Mum)

    WOD 11.3
    6 rounds My goal was five so I am happy with ghat.
    Great effort by everyone today. Glad to see you Elissa. You are the biggest hero of all.

  12. Elissa

    great great job to everyone!! what an awesome atmosphere it was!
    it was great to be there!!
    time to relax, see you tonight!! πŸ™‚

  13. Marcel

    WOD 11.3 – 3 rounds + 1 clean = 7 reps

    Was hoping to get 3 since this was what I was able to put up on Wednesday without a clock. Overall very happy. Awesome displays of perseverance today by all — very impressed with Eric for not giving up and giving his all. Also, can’t forget my wife — awesome effort Babe!

  14. Amanda

    Very impressed with the judging by the coaches. I’m sure it’s not easy when you have to take away reps, but good on you all for stepping up when it needs to be done.

    I haven’t been to all the workouts, but from what I’ve seen, you’ve all been consistent and are doing a great job!

    1. Dan

      Very true Amanda, I’ve had a different judge each week and they have been consistently fair, attentive and motivating. Keep up the good work guys!

  15. Heidi

    WOD 11.3 – 1 Squat Clean / 0 Push Jerks

    A bit disappointed that I did not get 1 complete round in. The push jerk was just not meant to be for me today. Rather than focus on the negative, however, I’ll choose to celebrate the fact that I completed several cleans at this weight, (I don’t know how many) in my quest for the jerk. I’m not giving up on the jerk at this weight…I know it will come. A big thanks to Sonia for your judging, coaching & support.

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the this tough WOD. Lots of determination on everyone’s part, and some really impressive results from the Crossfit Moncton crowd.

    1. Amanda

      Good job Heidi!! I had the same thing…was really frustrated when I was done, and MC said: “but you got a PR on your clean!!” and I hadn’t even realized…we’ll celebrate the wins here instead of the losses. And many of us attempted this WOD knowing that we may not even get one. Another reason to be proud of our efforts today!
      I really appreciated everyone’s encouraging words when I was done mine. Thank you very much!

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