Bring your running shoes


Bring your running shoes

6:30 class is cancelled tonight.

Reminder of Poker Night tomorrow at 7pm at the gym. Please sign up on the whiteboard.

6 rounds:
5 Deadlifts
200m Run

Remember, if you need a quick reminder of a particular move, we have them posted on the wall

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  1. Amanda

    WU x2

    Strength: Deadlifts
    1x 110-130-150-165-190-200
    Thanks for the push, Kevin & Marc!

    6 rounds:
    5 Deadlifts (160#)
    200m Run

    T = 13:35

    First round was 170#, way too slow – so Kevin took 10# off for me for the other 5 rounds. It didn’t make me much faster but at least I got through them.

    I might be stuck sitting down right now.

  2. Amanda

    OOOOOH, hope they’re not in the same class together! I remember last year, I think it’s Gerry and Joanna that have a birthday together, and I was class with both of them! Lotsa burpees!
    Happy birthday Heather and Liam, I hope you both have a great day!

  3. WU x2 (deadlifts instead of pullups)
    Strength: shoulder press x 3

    6 rounds:
    5 Deadlifts (235#)
    200m Run

    Time = 11:02
    cashout – 1:30 plank

  4. WU x2 (deadlifts instead of pullups)
    Strength: push jerk x 5
    45,50,55,65,75(PR 5#)

    6 rounds:
    5 Deadlifts scale 70%(120#)
    200m Run

    Time = 12:07
    cashout – 1:30 plank & back stretch

  5. Mario

    Hey Kevin,

    AS you suggested Im gonna come in at 5h30 to do the warm-up and switch the WOD for something else that won’t affect tomorrow’s sectional. Do I need to register? Would’nt want to steal a spot on today’s WOD.

      1. Chantal L.

        Oops… I was hoping to be able to do that also… and I did register… I guess that would make a late notice 5:30 available?

  6. Elba

    WU X2 (deadlift instead of Pull Ups)

    Clean 5’s
    35- 55- 60- 70- 75

    6 Rounds
    5 Deadlift
    Run 200
    Time= 11:12 (I think)

    Cash Out: 1:30 Plank

  7. Marc H.

    mobility + HSPU+ring pullups+C2B+Wall balls
    FS 3’s
    135-155-185-205 Feeling week after that 11.3 WOD
    WOD @ 325# – 10:43 It still felt really heavy
    1:30 cashout plank

    1. Liam

      Happy Birthday to you too Mum! It’s wonderful to share my day with such a wonderful and inspiring lady! AND your a saint for not sticking around at 5:30 to work out. *hehe*
      Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. As always I feel and appreciate the love from my CFM family!

  8. Steph G

    Wu x2
    Strength back squat 3’s
    6 rounds
    5 deadlifts #115
    200 m run
    Time= 10:24

    Happy b-day mum & Liam !

  9. Tracey

    Warm Up x2

    Push Press x5

    6 rounds of
    5 Deadlifts (145#)
    Run 200m

    Time: 9:29

    Happy Birthday Heather and Liam!!!!!!

  10. Lora

    WU X 2 (K2E) deadlifts instead of pullups

    Strength: Front squat (x1)
    65(5)-80-105-125-145-145(no shoes) PR! Wahoo! 🙂

    6 rounds
    5 deadlifts @ 85% (200#)
    200m run
    Time 10:20

    OMG! Tough, tough, tough! Thanks for the push Coach Sonia!

      1. Lora

        My 1RM for deadlifts is 245#…..I thought 200# was ambitious for the WOD, but I am glad I tried it. Sonia shamed me into it! LOL! 🙂

    1. Tracy S.

      200# for the WOD is amazing. Always impressed with your strength. Congrats on the Front squat PR too.
      and… Have a great vacation in the sunny south!!!

  11. Jeff

    18 consecutive strict Handstand Pushups (PR by 1) 🙂

    Light 1000m row followed by lots of mobility.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Cheers to 95 years of life experience!
    Happy Birthday Heather and Liam! 😀

  12. Mario

    33x Bday Burpees

    WUx2 (+ 2×10 KBS @ 25#)

    Practice Squat Clean & Jerk/Split Jerk, Thrusters/Push Press and all that good stuff. Bring on WOD 11.3!

    Awesome job giving it 110% John!

  13. Chantal L.

    Wu x 2 plus 33 b-day burpees

    Happy b-day Liam and HEather!

    Practice squat clean and jerk 3’s
    45-65-85-95-110 (practice 110 for the rest of the class)

    Feels good to come back after a week off 🙂 I am ready for tomorrow!

  14. John G

    Mobility, WUx2 + practiced some C&J

    WOD 11.3
    AMRAP 5 Min: Squat Clean & Jerks (165#)

    7 reps 🙂

    All I asked for was 1 rep – All I prayed for was 1rep – I am sickly excited to have got 7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement – It is nerve-racking being new and doing a workout alone in front of you guys, but thanks for the cheers (and coaching Kev! and nice joke at the end – as we put the weights away Kevin says – Öh Sh*t, it was only 155# – I almost died).

    PRs (according to the board which may not be accurate so I will update):
    30# Push Jerk and Clean (Got 135# x2 on Wednesday during practice)

    Just wondering, doing it for 3reps (Squat Clean and Jerk): does that go in as a 3RM or my 1RM?

    Good Luck Tomorrow everyone – Hope to be there to cheer you on!!! Go crazy!!

    1. Jeff

      Incredible effort John and congrats on the HUGE PRs! I’m so glad that I was there to see that and now I’ll be thinking of you when I lift the weight. If we can all channel some of your vibes tomorrow it’s going to be an amazing day for everyone! 🙂

    2. Liam

      Congrats John! I wish I could have stuck around and watching and cheered for you man! But… I had a big ass piece of cake waiting for me…. *hehe* Hats off to you though, that’s some big weight!

    3. Heidi

      Wow! Very impressive John. I am really nervous about tomorrow’s WOD. Your performance on a 30# PR is really inspiring.

      Happy birthday Liam & Heather

    4. John G

      Thanks Guys !! Yes Still on a high and I’m celebrating now so I may post something at 4:00am in the morning and I apologize in advance as it may be sappy or vulger but yes I will be a DJ if I make it… its gonna be awesome!!! Very cool Article Jeff!

  15. Liam

    Nearly fainted when I walked in and saw Mum there in her work out gear! Good one young lady!

    WU x 2
    Deadlifts instead of Pullups.
    33 birthday burpees (Happy Birthday to ME!)

    Strength (starting from scratch)
    Shoulder Press x 5

    WOD: 6 Rounds of
    5 Deadlifts (Coach told me to go light… I agreed whole heartedly) #185
    Run 200
    Time: 8:30

    Cash out 1:30 plank.

    Must say that my back is a little tight, but that’s soooo much better than it being hurt and sore.
    Again, I’m really happy to be back. Spending time with fabulous people on my birthday is all a fella could ask for. Thanks for all the Birthday Burpees folks and great work 6:30 crew!
    I wish I could be there tomorrow to cheer, but you hard assed competitors will be in my thoughts.

  16. Gabriel

    Happy Birthday to Liam and Heather


    Practice some Squat Clean and Jerk

    Then took it easy with some lighter weights.
    Ready for the WOD 11.3

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