No need for water wings


No need for water wings

If you’re participating in Saturday’s Games Workout, please register by 7pm tonight.

25 Pullups
50 Flutterkicks
75 Squats

Francis getting depth on his dips

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  1. Heather (Mum)

    Happy Birthday Marc.
    WU X 2
    Strength Push Jerk
    25 Pullups
    50 Flutterkicks
    75 Squats
    Time 5:25

  2. Johnny

    WU x2
    Squat cleans
    Practice technique with 65-85-100

    WOD: 3:47

    Happy birthday Marc!!!
    Congrats on your first class Denis!! Nice meeting you!!

    1. Johnny

      Indeed a great post! Being a small guy, I have struggled with trying to keep my weight up to what I thought was ideal and honestly to what I thought looked good in the mirror. But I too have lost weight in the 3 months with u all (10-12lbs) and would consider the term “Crossfit skinny” which I do not like because i was already quite skinny but I only blame myself for not eating enough in the run of a day, poor sleeping habits, etc . But then again I feel great though know I have lots to work on!!! Thanks Kevin for posting this and the motivation to do things different.

      1. Rob

        Great article.

        I am in the same boat as Johnny. Word for word, except I have good sleeping habits. Here’s to improving and changing the crossfit twigs look.

      2. Patrick

        You’re not alone Johnny. Trying to gain muscle mass is a constant battle for me. A while ago I tried to eat as much food (lean and healthy) as I could possibly stomach for 2 weeks. I felt good and strong in the gym, but the scale told me I lost 2 pounds. WTF. LOL

        I don’t worry about it anymore. As long as I feel good in the gym, I’m ok.

    2. Amanda

      Great article.

      My favorite part:

      “Don’t blame others for inconsistency, lack of motivation, lack of discipline, and unsuccessful trials. Sometimes you have to take a hard long look at the mirror and ask,”Do I Want To Be Better?” The day you answer yes is the day you can throw that F*CKING mirror away and completely change your life.”

  3. Angela

    Strength – OHS 1RM
    45-50-55-65-70-75(PR)-80(PR) Finally! I have been stuck at 70# for months!!!

    25 Pull Ups (green band)
    50 Flutterkicks
    75 squats


  4. Amanda

    I feel like I wouldn’t even be able to get 25 pullups OR 75 squats in 4 minutes, how are you guys able to get this whole workout in less than that?!

  5. Bonne fete Marc

    Strength – cleans x 5
    40,45,50,55,65(PR 20# for 5 still don’t like doing clean but getting better at them Marc thanks for helping with bottoming out part)

    25 Pull Ups (green & yellow band)
    50 Flutterkicks
    75 squats

    Time – 3:26

    cashout – 2 min stretch

  6. WuX2
    Strength – overhead squats x 5

    25 Pull Ups (yellow band)
    50 Flutterkicks
    75 squats

    Time – forgot to mark it down

    cashout – 2 min stretch

  7. Elissa

    Im so hyper at this very moment!!!

    The doctors were just in, I am no longer connected to any machines and if all goes well.. I get to leave tomorrow with all my body parts intact!! πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for all your support and positive vibes.
    I can’t wait to cheer everyone on Saturday if I get to go:)
    Thanks so so much!

    1. Heidi

      It’s great to hear that things are going well Elissa. Here’s to continued improvement. Hope to see you Saturday.

  8. Tracy S.

    Happy Birthday Marc!

    Strength: Shoulder Press
    (1RM) 45×5 – 55 – 65 – 70 – 75(f)
    Feel like 75 should go up… but it didn’t (maybe mental block?)

    WOD: w/ green/yellow bands
    TIME: 5:13

    Suspect I’ll be feeling my abs and quads tomorrow… good burn!

  9. Steph G

    Wu x2
    Stregth push press 3’s

    25 pull ups yellow band
    50 flutter kicks
    75 squats
    Time: 3:35

    First wod w a yellow band! Pullups where broken but managed to get up πŸ˜‰
    Bonne fΓͺte Marc!

  10. Elba

    75 Burpees (No show + Marc’s B-day)
    *Happy Birthday Marc!!

    Back Squat 5’s
    55- 65- 75- 85- 95

    25 Pull Ups (still on the rings)
    50 Flutterkicks
    75 Squats
    Time: 4:07

  11. Heidi

    WU x 2

    I did not do the WOD this morning, opting instead to work on my Squat Clean & Jerks to prep. for Saturday. It went something like this:

    Squat Clean & Split Jerk:
    35# x 2
    55# x 2
    75# x 1
    85# x 2
    100# x 3…form was starting to go
    110# – Failed 1st attempt, Success at 2nd attempt, Failed next 2 attempts

    This was a 10# PR for me on both the Clean & the Jerk, so really happy with this. Disappointed to end the morning on a failed attempt, but now I know I can do this weight.

    Thanks for all of your coaching this morning Marc, and a big happy B-Day…you didn’t share that with us this morning.

    Kudoo’s to Pat on your clean & jerks this morning…you are more than ready for Saturday.

  12. Lora

    WU x 2 (with K2E and yellow band)

    Strength: Shoulder Press (x1)
    **Still laughing at myself for standing on my toes to try to get 95# overhead!

    25 Pullups (green band)
    50 Flutterkicks
    75 Squats
    Time 4:46

    Cashout: 2 min stretching (shoulders: they are giving me grief)

  13. Tracey

    Warm Up x2

    Deadlift x5

    25 Pull Ups (yellow)
    50 Flutterkicks
    75 Squats

    Time: 3:08

    Happy 25th Marc!
    Awesome news Elissa- see you soon.

  14. Marc H.

    Mobility burpees ring pullups T2B squats
    Rack jerk
    135 185 135 worked on form
    WOD: 2:51
    Nice race Pmoney
    Thanks for the kind words everyone πŸ˜€

  15. Gillyon

    Crap…just saw the site/deadline for Saturday. Please count me in…hopefully I wake up feeling strong on Saturday!

  16. Kerri

    25 B-day Burpees. Happy Birthday Marc!!
    Warm up x 2
    OHS x 5

    25 pull ups (black band…these were tough for me)
    50 flutterkicks
    75 squats

    Time: 6:07

    So happy Elissa!!! See you very soon. πŸ™‚

  17. Mireille

    WU x 2

    50 Burpees no-show March 31
    15 Burpees Marc’s birthday

    Strength: Front squats
    55×5, 65×5, 75×5, 85×5, 90×5

    WoD: Time of 7:45 for…
    25 pullups
    50 flutter kicks
    75 squats

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