But I don’t like that…


But I don’t like that…

Do you prefer the thinner pullup bar? Maybe you have a certain rack you always use. Would you rather use a dumbbell instead of a kettlebell?

If you have a preference, then it’s time to switch things up. It’s taking the idea of working on your weaknesses to the next level.

Overhead squats may be a goat, but you don’t skip them because you prefer back squats. You work on them.

“But I don’t like that pullup bar. It’s hard on my hands.” Then you should be spending more time on that bar so it’s not so hard on your hands.

You don’t want to use that kettlebell because the grip is too big and it makes the workout harder. Good! Grab that thicker handle and go to town. Because the next time you use the smaller handle, it will be that much easier.

The list goes on…skipping ropes, older barbells, working out at the spot closest to the door.

Break the routine. Mix things up. It will make you stronger.

These were my bumper plates when I first started. Not fancy, but it got the job done.

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  1. Jeff

    OPEN GYM: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
    Please email Marc if attending… marcopolo123321(at)hotmail.com

    Also Jane, Chantal and Pat will be doing Games WOD 11.2
    It’ll be like a mini Games day. Come cheer them on!

  2. Marc H.

    WOD 11.2 – Pat 8 rounds
    Corinna 7 rounds + 9 DL + 7 PU
    Jane 5 rounds + 9 DL + 12 PU + 5 BJ

    Good job to everyone who did this WOD. Crazy results!!!! Thanks for everyone who came and benefited of the Open gym. 😀

  3. Rob " guns a' blazin" Walker

    Practice DU’s

    2k row – 7:46.6

    Thanks to Eric for peer pressuring and sandbagging me into it. Great job to all those that did the 2k challenge. Eric, Dan, Jeff and Gab.The panty wearing sasquatch who did not participate in the reindeer games shall remain anonymous.

    Great Job on the sectional WOD guys.

  4. Dan

    Great job Jane, Pat and Corinna!

    Sunday Fun:

    OHS x3: 65-95-115-125-135-155(1)-165(1)-175(1) PR!

    2k Row: 7:57.1 PR (First time I’ve done this)

    Weighted MU: 12 lbs x1, 20 lbs x1

    Thanks again to the coaches opening the gym on Sundays!

  5. Jeff

    Another awesome Open Gym! Great turnout today. Way to go Jane, Corinna and Pat… you guys killed the WOD!

    2000m row —> 7:56.9
    Better than last week but still not a PR. Nice race Dan!

  6. Patrick

    Big thanks to the coaches for opening the gym AND judge our workouts today. What a great turnout!!

    WOD 11.2: 8 rounds flat. Thanks to all who cheered. I wouldn’t have made it to 8 rounds without your help. I thought for SURE I was going to be sick at 10-11 minutes. You made me pick up that bar even though I didn’t want to.

    That’s what Crossfit is all about and that’s why it works.

  7. Thanks for coming out today everyone. Special thanks to Sonia for coaching, judging and cheering! And also, special thanks to my husband for cheering me on in between bites of his Rotten Ronnie’s!!
    Patrick and Corinna, you two really kicked butt! Woot, woot! 😀

    1. Jeff

      Jane, you had set your expectations too low. You forgot that you’re an athlete with serious skills! Great job today!
      Is the Hamburgler having a nap now?

  8. Corinna

    WOD 11.2

    Attempt # 2

    7 rounds + 9 deadlifts + 7 push ups

    I worked really hard to keep my butt and legs tight today during my push ups. I am sure my butt will be sore tomorrow!

    Great work Pat and Jane. Thanks for judging me Sonia. Your coaching tips were so helpful as well. A huge thanks for all the cheering. You guys kept me pushing when I did not want to. Thanks for the open gym today!

  9. Gabriel

    Hats off Jane, Pat and Corinna! Excellent job!

    Practice some DU’s between my rope and green ropes. Got a few 2’s.

    Saw Eric, Rob then Jeff and Dan go at it with the 2K rowing. Told them I may do a 500 but no 2K.
    15 minutes or so later –> 7:37.8
    Funny when you say to yourself, I aint’t going to do it your actually saying Bring it on!!!

    Great to be part of the Sunday afternoon gang!
    Thanks again Sonia, Jeff and Marc!

  10. Jeff

    Update from CrossFIt HQ on facebook…

    The CrossFit Games
    “Don’t worry if your submissions aren’t on the Leaderboard. We have all of the results in our database. Leaderboard will be corrected soon.”

  11. Johnny

    Thx for opening the gym.
    Practiced DUs and HSPUs

    Great job to Jane, Pat, & Corinna!!!
    So awesome !!

    Great effort to all those that raced and rowed !!! Bender: so close man!! Great job regardless!!!

    1. Eric B.

      ha thanks bud. Next time….its MINE. Good luck in the super bowl tomorrow night. We’ll get you on that rower sooner rather then later.

  12. Eric B.

    Hats off to Pat, Jane and Corinna…..awesome scores!

    Thanks for opening the gym this after, lots of laughs and I think I even saw a tear in Robs at one point.

  13. Elissa

    Kevin or Sonia,
    Im going to order a stick like the ones you bought at the Calgary games.. Do you have any idea of the length, stiffness or name of the one you have by any chance?

    I still had the brochure
    This is the website http://Www.intracell.net
    Thanks for your help either way 🙂

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