Newsletter Day!


Newsletter Day!

Gym is closed for the 6:30 class tonight.

Check it out! TheΒ April Newsletter!

Big thanks to CrossFit Saint John for helping the cause!

AMRAP 8 minutes:
10 Mountain Climbers
30 Second Plank
10 Kettlebell Swings

I managed to get a sweet deal on Kijiji for a tanning bed! A few members have been asking me to get one, so here it is. Who’s going to be the first to try it out?

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  1. Pierre

    I was like WTF for a little while and after I remembered that once, Kevin told me that he used to go to the tanning salon quite a few times a month before starting CrossFit.

    So I guess that is normal to have a tanning bed at the gym.

  2. Elissa

    Very nice newsletter, Owen you have come such a long way from the beginning, congrats!!

    I’m getting a ct scan at some point today.. The machine broke while I was in it yesterday! I’m hoping for a miraculous recovery, but I’m ready for anything .. Thanks too everyone for being there!! Xox

  3. Amanda

    WU x2

    Strength: Front Squats
    1x 75-90-100-115-130

    AMRAP in 8 mins:
    10 mountain climbers
    30 second plank
    10 KBS (35#)

    = 5 rounds + 4 KBS

    Really loved this workout; but really disappointed with my effort. Could have and should have had 6+ rounds. I had decided before I got in my last plank that I would split it in half because they were getting too hard; should have at least tried.
    Maybe I’ll try this one again on Monday.

    1. Amanda

      He got me too! I thought he must have lost his marbles. I’ve been struggling all morning with whether or not I should tell him this is a bad idea. And I was upset that he was doing it because it contradicts CrossFit’s ‘mission’ or whatever.
      I use them every year before I go south, and I know the risks…but I certainly don’t want one at the one place I go to be healthy every day. And I was getting upset that he was encouraging us to do something that’s so bad for our health!
      I don’t like practical jokes…I’m still recovering from this. πŸ™‚

  4. Tracy S

    Well, have to say my initial thought was disappointment, and that maybe we don’t know Kevin after all.. a tanning bed certainly didn’t fit the profile!! πŸ™‚
    Wasn’t until I got to work that I clued in about what the date was!! GOOD ONE!!!
    – Great Newletter!!
    – Congrats Owen on all of your accomplishments so far!
    – making MEATZA this weekend!!!

  5. Corinna

    WU x 2

    Strength: Front Squat x 1

    125-135-145-155-165 (Matched PR) I felt like I could have added more weight, but I was okay with matching my PR.

    WOD: 6 rounds. My lack of flexibilty was blatently obvious during the mountain climbers, but not a bad WOD overall. Shoulders are sore from yesterday’s Cross Fit Games WOD.

  6. Heather (Mum)

    Good one Kevin. I was just about to call you and say what the ???? are you thinking?
    Great job Owen.
    Eliisa, good luck today. We are all rooting for you.

  7. Mario

    Looked it up early this morning.

    I was like “Uh… Neat I guess.”

    Then, forgetting I have checked today’s post already, I’m like “I wonder what Kevin posted for April Fools.”

    Then I was like >:(

  8. Gabriel

    Way to go Owen! Keep up the great work!

    Tannig bed? not for me, last time I used one, many years ago, fell asleep! Haha
    But great to fry them fishes

  9. Jamie

    CFWU x 2

    Strength – Deadlift

    WOD – AMRAP in 8 mins
    10 Mountain Climbers
    30 Sec Plank
    10 KBS 53#

    5 Rounds and 5 KBS

  10. Heather (Mum)

    First the exciting news I finally got a double under. Sonia was my coach and witness. Then when Kevin arrived I did them again so he could see and believe me.

    Strength (1’s) Shoulder Press
    AMRAP in 8 min. of:
    10 Mountain Climbers
    30 sec. plank
    10 KBS (20)

    4 rounds but I misunderstood the plank. I did what I could and then waited out the 30 sec. Kevin says I had to do 30 sec. in total even if I had to rest.

  11. Martine S

    WU x 2
    strength: push jerk (1x)
    70-85-100-115(f) pain in shoulders

    WOD 35#
    3 rounds + 30sec plank

    CONGRATS Heather on your first double unders!!!! Soooo happy for you!

  12. Jeff

    Shoulder Press – 5RM
    65-85-105-125(3)… fatigue. Tough week.

    AMRAP 8 min…
    10 Mountain Climbers
    30sec Plank Hold
    10 KBS (53#)

    5 Rounds + 9 KBS

  13. Corinna

    I tried your maple syrup today Gilles and it was absolutely delicious. I am sure that I’ll finish the bottle off before the end of the month. Thanks again.

  14. Tracy S.

    WU X2
    Strength: PUSH JERK
    (5RM) 65 – 75 – 85 – 90 – 95(x1)

    WOD: w/ 30# KBS
    TOTAL: 5 Rounds

    Liked this WOD… even though the plank was really tough!!

    Cashout: crappy/slow drive home

  15. Steph G

    wu x2 + box jumps + toes in rings (went down a band size, used the yellow band for the pullups)
    Front Squats 3’s
    70-80-85-95-110 (2)
    Lost my grip on the third one. Elbows where way better than last week.

    WOD W #30
    = 5 Rounds+ 8 MC

    slow @ mountain climbers, Planks are ruff compared to what it used to be a year ago.

  16. Gabriel

    Mobility + WUX2 (no pullups) did 12 reps of hand realease push ups.

    5 minutes of back stretching using foam roll + 2 minutes each shoulder using foam ball.

    5 minutes of Wall Squat

    2 minute plank.

    Ready for Workout 11.2

  17. Johnny

    Wu x 2
    Strength: back squat (x3)

    Wod:AMRAP 8min
    10 mountain climbers
    30sec plank
    10 kbs(53#)
    6 rounds 10MC 5 sec into plank

    Hoping to be not too sore tired for tmrws WOD2.
    Great job Mum
    Such a great Article Owen! Congrats on ur accomplishments!
    Thinking About u Elissa!
    Good luck to all the Crossfitters taking part tomorrow!!! Should be awesome!!

    1. Johnny

      And WAY TO GO ED!!!! It was very motivating watching u do ur WOD today !!! Congrats on a great score bro – you did awesome!!!

  18. Lora

    WU x 2 (with K2E on rings)

    Strength: Push Jerk (x1)
    65-80-95-110-120(f)-115 (PR)
    *I got the 120# overhead but as a push press…..dang! I seem to have a mental block with jumping and putting weight over my head*

    WOD: AMRAP 8 minutes
    10 Mountain Climbers
    30 sec. plank
    10 KBS (35#)
    Total: 5 rds, 10 MC, 20 sec plank


    Owen, huge kudo’s to you on your accomplishments! Great article.

  19. Francis

    WU x2
    Strength: dead lifts
    5x 75-105-115-135-135

    AMRAP in 8 mins:
    10 mountain climbers
    30 second plank
    10 KBS (35#)

    = 5 rounds + 28 secs plank

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