Holy Mackerel!


Holy Mackerel!

Outstanding performances by everyone involved yesterday! The energy in the gym was through the roof. Amazing! I feel really bad for the people that missed it.

Good news: CFHQ decided to postpone the registration date until Sunday, March 27th.

If you were even slightly considering the Games, this is your second chance.

Here’s the link – https://games.crossfit.com/user/register

Do it. I dare you!

Eric, one of our newest members, goes all in for his first ever CrossFit competition!

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  1. Yup!

    Gillyon, thanks for your awesome judging and coaching yesterday. I appreciate all the times you told me to pick it up and those last three reps are definitely yours! Herkie! 😀

  2. Elissa

    The energy was deffinently intense and awesome, everyone did amazing yesterday!

    I wont be at The gym next week 🙁
    but i will try to go watch on saturday.
    Keep on keepin on 🙂

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