Register today!


Register today!

What do you regret the most? Things you did? Or things you didn’t do?

I’m placing my money on the things you didn’t do or try. You look back and say, “I should have done __________.” “I wonder what it would have been like if I did ___________.”

The 2011 CrossFit Games season is here. It’s now. It’s time to register.

Here are a list of reasons why you should register:

1.  You come to Saturday workouts.

-You’re going to be doing the workouts anyway, so why not register?

2.  You have a competitive bone in your body.

-You want to see how you stack up.

3.  You want to go to that ‘next level’.

-Training at the gym with the same people everyday is awesome. But training with them and a large group of others cheering for you. Now that is EPIC!

4.  You’re going to come cheer.

-If you are coming to cheer, you should do the workout to get a chance to be cheered for. It’s good to be on both sides.

Myths about the CrossFit Games:

1.  You have to come every Saturday.

-False – If you plan on qualifying for the Regionals, then yes. But if you want to compete in a few of the posted workouts, that’s cool.

2.  You need to be able to do all the moves, like muscle-ups and handstand pushups.

-False – When you log in to post your results, there will be an option to choose ‘scaled’. You can compare yourself with the hundreds of others who scaled the workout as well. Also, the exercises will be classic, simple movements. We probably won’t see highly skilled, advanced movements anyway.

3.  People will laugh at you.

-FALSE – You will be motivated beyond belief. There will be so much positive energy in the gym during the next six Saturday’s, you will regret missing it.

Don’t say it’s something you’ll do next year. Even if you have to scale every single workout, it will be something you’ll remember forever.

Register today!

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  1. Kevin

    By the way…

    CrossFit Fredericton has 37 members registered already.

    Over 15,000 people registered worldwide.

    Join the community!

  2. Right now we have 45-50 people participating (not everyone has linked to our team yet) … and the energy in our gym is crazy. Definitely want every affiliate in our region to feel that positive vibe too.

    Listen to Kevin, GET ON BOARD! This is going to be something to remember for a very long time!

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