The Games are coming!


The Games are coming!

Here’s what’s going down…

Tuesday, March 15th at 9pm, CrossFit HQ will post a workout. We will have just under a week to complete it in the fastest time possible. This process will occur for 6 weeks straight. We are competing against the Eastern Canada Region, which is Ontario to Newfoundland. The top 60 males and top 60 females from the Sectionals will move on to the Regionals, being held in Toronto from June 3-5.

As of today, participating members from CrossFit Moncton include…

Most competitors will be completing the workout on the following Saturday. The regular workouts on Saturday’s will be the Sectional workout that is posted for that week. If members need to scale, we can do that. After all of the members (not competing) are finished the workout, the Games Athletes will take a shot at it.

We may also have visitors from other gyms, so it’s going to be a big event every Saturday. I highly encourage you to come check it out and cheer us on.


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  1. Jeff

    If anyone else is thinking of registering you still have time…

    “Those registered athletes who aspire to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games must:
    Register as an athlete and submit their first performance prior to Sunday, March 20, at 9:00pm, which is the end of the first week.”

  2. Jeff

    4.9km run —> 27:41

    That was great! Considering I haven’t run at all in more than three months I’m really happy about it. No need for rest or change of pace and was really surprised at how easy that felt. My PR for 5km is 25:28 so it was a little slow but nice to get outside and feel a run before it shows up in a WOD.

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