Ran out of time


Ran out of time

Family Day is postponed due to weather. We will announce a new date later this week.

“Ran out of time”

I’ve been seeing this in the comments section (about the strength lifts) more recently. It shouldn’t be there.

If you walk through the door one minute before the class starts, take a few minutes to get changed, another couple to use the washroom, a moment to write down the workout in your journal, and a few minutes to figure out what weights you’ll be lifting…then yes, you will run out of time.

Even after reducing the amount of sets of the warm-up to two rounds, people are still “running out of time”.

Here are some suggestions.

-Show up early if you know you’re slow to get ready.

-Have everything already written in your journal before arriving.

-It’s ok to chat during the warm-up, just make sure you’re moving at the same time.

-Shorten the amount of time you spend between sets.

If you want results, you have to work for them. One hour is plenty of time to get the work done.

Some towel pullup action

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  1. Jeff

    Nice post. Here’s a challenge for the week…
    Keep track of how long it takes to get your warm-up done and write it in your journal each day. We can set the clock at the beginning of class to help you out.

    Great weather and melting snow… I’m looking forward to some WODs with running in them very soon.

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