A few things…


A few things…

There is an open gym today from 1-3pm. Email me if you plan on attending. Please note, it’s not for doing an additional workout. There will be coaches on hand to help you with movements you’d like to practice and work on.

Tomorrow is “Change for Change”. Please bring $5 if you’d like to complete a workout that you missed from the month of February. Let the coach know before the class begins. Or maybe you’ll really like the posted workout. Either way is cool.

If you know anyone getting married, please send them this link. Joanna is putting on a wedding bootcamp. There are only a few spaces left in each camp.

And just a little note about progress. Please take a moment today to look back in your journal. If you’ve been with us for a while, dig out that really old journal. Seriously…go get it. I’ll wait……….

Look at your first sets of back squats/deadlifts/presses, etc. Look at the results of your first workouts. Check out the weights you used. Now look at today.

If you’re always looking forward, you’ll never know how far you’ve come. Sometimes we get too caught up in the smaller things, the day-to-day workouts. We didn’t get a PR on this workout, but maybe it was just a bad day. In the grand scheme of things, you’ve improved drastically from Day One.

Take time for reflection.

What have been your biggest gains since starting CrossFit?

Carly reflecting on a hard day of snowshoeing

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  1. Mel

    I really appreciated the chance to work on my clean technique, it finally feels a little more natural. Thanks Sonia for all your help! I hope these Sundays continue, this was great!

  2. Marcel

    Great time this afternoon, gave me the opportunity to try some Volume Training on a couple of goats.

    Kipping Pull ups & Handstand Push ups (with 25lb plate final two sets no plate)

    Reps 3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1

    Thanks for the help Jeff & Marc. Lets make the open Sunday a regular thing…:)

  3. Rob

    I thought it was a great day. The idea of 4 extra classes per month makes membership more appealing. I would like to see 1 – 2 pm as WOD then 2-3pm as practice. That way there is something for everybody. I find it hard to make it to WODS during the week so being able to do one on Sunday and not have to rush out after makes me smile.

    Thanks to Jeff, Sonya and Onesie for their help.

    Without today Johnny G would have not have pounded out 10 HSPU’s in a row on his first try.

  4. John G.

    Skills practice

    Practiced Double unders.
    Practiced Kipping pull ups
    Tried Hand-stand pushups. 2sets of 10 with beige bands, then went for it and tried against wall and banged out 1set of 7 and then 2 sets of 10 (so pumped about this)

    Thanks Kevin for trying this out. Big thanks to Jeff , Marc and sonia for your tips and training of everyone present. Definitely Sunday’s rock cause I have trouble making it to workouts throughout the week.

  5. Jeff

    Reflection on strength progress is easy if you keep a separate log of PRs on one sheet. Sometimes it can be tough flipping through your journal trying to find an old PR.

    Look to the right hand side of the CrossFit Moncton page under Resources. There you’ll find a “Strength Record Sheet”. Print yourself a copy and fill it out every time you get a new PR. Many of us at the gym use this. Ask one of the coaches if you have questions or need a printed copy. There are a few different versions of this out there.

  6. Sonia

    Great turnout today! Everyone did some awesome work and left feeling they accomplished something. This was fun, I liked being able to spend time on technique, on different things that don’t show up often in wods or strength.
    I also agree with Rob, I know other people who don’t get the chance to come in as much as they want during the week but could make it on Sunday… plus when there’s a snow day like friday… could make up for it. I also find it’s a great time to work on different skills or goats, with some extra coaching and more than just the 15 min we have before a wod! I’m open to help out coach on some Sundays too:)

  7. Patrick

    I’m hoping to see more of these “free to work on skills” days. Sunday afternoons are perfect.

    Worked on press to handstand. Thanks for all your tips Sonia!

  8. Amanda

    I loved today…I didn’t get to stay as long as I would have liked to – I’m busy from 2-4 on Sundays but it was awesome at the gym today…lots of great coaches on hand, great atmosphere in the gym.

    I’d also definitely take advantage of a Sunday WOD day…I don’t know yet about the summer months, (depends on what time, I guess?) but definitely the other 8 months of the year!

    Biggest gains…how strong I FEEL. Little things that you don’t really think of. Like buying cat litter at the grocery store. I like buying the big boxes at a time but I used to barely be able to lift them (often, I wouldn’t buy them if Patrick wasn’t with me to carry it, I would get a smaller bag!) Or the other night, for example, I walked to the store with the dog to get some milk…as I was walking in the driveway, I realized I didn’t change the bag back and forth from left to right hand the whole way from my hands being tired from carrying it…I carried it in my right hand the whole way and didn’t even notice because my hand wasn’t tired. Or when walking in knee-high snow used to tire me out.
    It’s the little things that have brought me the most pleasure from Crossfit. Proud and very grateful to be stronger. 🙂

  9. Tracy S.

    I can relate to what Amanda is saying about noticing some of the everyday things that make me realize that I AM alot stronger than I used to be. If I remember correctly, it was referred to as “Functional Fitness”.
    Carrying groceries multiple bags at a time is great; not being out of breath when climbing 3 flights of stairs; just lifting some simple things that used to feel ‘heavy’ like it’s nothing now (etc)
    Enjoying being a crossfitter!

  10. Gabrielle

    I think Sundays are a great idea too! I haven’t been able to be around much because of school, but if Sundays continue to be a more regular thing, I think I could be able to swing helping out on that day as well. What awesome posts today! Keep em coming! It’s so much fun to read up on everyone’s progress 🙂

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