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21-15-9 reps of:
Thrusters (95/65#)

Compare to Oct.22/10

Eric only knocked out 3 ceiling tiles in yesterday's workout

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  1. Patrick

    Practiced some “Press to Handstand”

    21-15-9 reps of:
    Thrusters (75#)


    In October I did it with 95lbs and got 8:20. 75lbs was a better weight for me. I got a faster time but it was not easier by any means. I finally got a feeling of what Fran should feel like. Out of breath, dizzyness, muscle fatigue, felt like throwing up and now I have that infamous “Fran Cough”.

    Great job 6am class!

    1. Gabriel

      Yip Patrick, I was about to use 95# since last time I had 85# and I am stronger today right? Asked coach cause coach knows best and he recomended 85#.
      Man I am glad I listened to coach! πŸ™‚

  2. Amanda

    WU x2

    Strength: Deadlifts
    5x 100-110-120 – my back didn’t feel good doing these this morning, so I stopped here.

    WOD: ‘Fran’
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Thrusters (45#)
    Pullups (green & yellow/smallest bands – shoulder)

    T = 7:16

    Last time I did it I used 55# and no bands and my time was over 10 minutes. Wish I could have done the pullups with no band but glad I only used 45#, the thrusters felt better (not easier!)

  3. John G.

    WU x2
    strength : Deadlifts (x5)
    85-95-105-115-125 (felt great – to start increasing my weight a bit)

    21-15-9 reps for thrusters 65# and pull-ups (no band)
    Time: 6:29

    First time doing this… It was definitely tough and 65# was plenty. Pull ups are hard for me – not knowing how to Kip and doing them more strict. Was doing them 2 at a time by the end. My breaks were way too long. Have a great day all!

  4. Heather (Mum)

    WU X 2
    Strength (5’s)
    Shoulder Press 35-40-45-50-50(2)
    WOD “Fran”
    Thrusters (35)
    Pullups (red)
    Time 6:52 PR by 4 seconds
    Most difficult PR I have ever done but glad to do it.

  5. Rob

    WU x2
    Strength Clean x 5

    @ 80LBS

    First time doing Fran, but I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

  6. Shelley

    WU x 2
    Strength (1’s)
    Front Squats 45-50-55-60-65(PR)
    WOD “Fran”
    Thrusters (25)
    Pullups (black)
    Time 6:51
    Cashout cross leg twist

  7. Elissa

    WU x 2
    Strength (3β€²s)
    Front Squats 100-105-115-130-150 – my max 1 rep is 165.. 150 x3 was hard!!

    WOD β€œFran”
    Thrusters (65)
    Pullups (yellow)
    Time 8:13
    really angry feeling during the workout but didnt swear.. hehe.
    dont know exactly why, either I was too hot, or the thrusters were so hard!

    Cashout cross leg twist

  8. Heidi

    WU x 2

    Dead Lifts x 1 rep.

    WOD: Fran
    Thrusters 65#
    Pull Ups (Green Band)
    Time = 9:05

    Compare to Oct 22/10 time of 8:54…slower, but this was on a red band. As usual, pull ups are my nemesis. I think I had 3 failed attempts on my final pull up, before getting my chin over the @*#%*%%&#@ bar. Unlike Elissa, I did swear. Thanks for the push morning crew.

  9. Gabriel


    Strength – Push Jerk X3
    After 2 rounds, Kevin showed me on instant slow-mo replay that I was landing doing a bunny hop.
    Worked the remainder in the proper landing.

    WOD: “Fran”
    Thrusters 85#
    Time — > 9:25
    PR of 48 seconds with same weight and no bands πŸ™‚

    Great job Gerry and Marcel!

  10. Lora

    WU x 2

    Strength: Push Jerk (x5)
    *technique still needs work

    WOD: “Fran”
    Thrusters (55)
    Pull ups (red band)
    Time = 6:14

    *Thrusters also need work*

    First time doing Fran. She’s alright….if that’s what you’re into….

  11. Marcel

    CFWU x 2

    Push Jerk x 3

    95-105-115-125 (form started to go, so I stuck w/125#)

    WOD “Fran”

    21-15-9 Rx’d

    Thrusters 95#
    Pull Ups

    Time: 8:45 PR by 1:14 πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the push Kevin & Jo. I actually thought my workout was over after the 9 thrusters, so I collapsed to the ground and then Kevin said your not done, to which I said “That was my last one!”; however, I still had 9 #%*&’in pull ups left!

  12. Chantal L

    WU x 2
    Strength 5’s – Front squats

    WOD Fran

    Thrusters 65#
    Pull ups (blue)

    Time: 8:36

    Last time back in Feb. 2010: 7:58 with same weight for thrusters but sub pull ups for ring rows. Is this considered a PR now that I did it on the pull up bar? I like to think so πŸ™‚

  13. Manitoba Rob

    A Very FRAnny Thursday in a basement… in Manitoba!! A FRAN, the “Freak out; Pass out or Puke WOD”

    WOD as Rx (95). Time 4:44 (gotta check log to see if it was a PR)

    Not the same without bumper plates…
    It felt horrible (I can relate Pat…) I really wanted to quit… but the thought of not finishing felt worse).

    Some good numers and nice Pr’s folks… way to go, it inspired me to do this WOD today, so thanks!!

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