Look at Johnny go!


Look at Johnny go!

3 rounds of:
50 Mountain climbers
21 Squats
12 Knees to Elbows

Compare to Jun.22/09

A little back story. Sonia did her first strict muscle-up this morning (congrats!), and John watched her. He thought it looked pretty easy, so he tried it. And he almost got it on his first attempt. Sonia gave him a quick pointer about pulling to his chest, and sure enough, he gets a strict muscle-up on his second attempt. I obviously needed to get a picture, so he ended up doing another one soon after. Congrats John!

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  1. Marc H.

    Mobility + 1x(burpees+Ring pullups+OHS+T2B)
    WOD as Rx’d -> 6:20
    Did the WOD alone after the 6am class. I don’t know how people can do CF alone in their garage. I had a lack of motivation but pushed through it and finished. Good job morning crew. 😀
    A big congrats to Johnny G. for being fabulous.

  2. Martine

    WU x2

    Strength: OHS (x5)

    WOD 3 rounds
    50 mountain climbers
    21 squats
    12 K2E (rings)

    Time – 6:41

    Fun class this morning! You did a great job coaching Marc! 🙂
    Have a nice weekend people!

  3. Amanda

    WU x2

    Strength: Front Squats
    1x 75-85-95-115-125

    3 rounds:
    -50 mountain climbers
    -21 squats
    -12 k2e’s (subbed v-snaps; shoulder)

    T = 8:46

    Corinna – hope you feel good today! 😀
    Great class Marc, thanks! I would have stayed for you if I had known you were going to do the WOD!

  4. Steph G

    Mobility x2
    Strength OHS 3’s

    50 Mountain Climbers
    21 Squats
    12 Vsnaps

    OHS form is getting better can go lower than before. I liked this Wod. Great job coaching Marc!! Happy Bday Kevin!

  5. Kerri

    30 Bday Burpees
    Strength x 1 – Shoulder Press
    45-55-60-65-70 (pr)
    3 rounds of
    50 Mountain Climbers
    21 Squats
    12 K2E (subbed-sit ups)

    Time 9:49

    Happy Birthday Kevin!! Enjoy your night. Thanks for the burpees 🙂

  6. Kevin

    Overhead Squat with Kettlebells on bar
    65+10#KBs x5
    75+10#KBs x5
    85+10#KBs x5
    95+10#KBs x5
    105+10#KBs x5

    Very hard to balance swaying kettlebells. Good for shoulder stabilizers.

    3 rounds of:
    50 Mountain climbers
    21 Squats
    12 Knees to Elbows (bar)



    Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. And big thanks to the 3:15 class for the 30 burpees! It was a great present!

  7. Jamie

    CFWU x 2

    Strength – Overhead Squat x 5
    Worked out sticking my bum out, not as easy as sticking your tongue out…

    WOD – 3 Rounds of
    50 Mountain Climbers
    21 Squats
    12 Knees to Elbows

    Time: 8:47

    Happy Birthday Kevin!

  8. Heather (Mum)

    WU X 2
    Strength Push Press (3’s)
    45-55-65-70-65 Kevin made me go down because I was arching my back.
    3 rounds
    50 Mountain Climbers
    21 Squats
    12 V-snaps (Not so snappy)
    Time 10:36

  9. Tracy S.

    Strength: Shoulder Press
    55×5 ~ 60×1 ~ 65×1 ~ 70×1 ~ 75(f) ~ 75(f)

    WOD: with Sit-ups (instead of K2E)
    TIME —> 9:16

    Have never tried K2E, so going to try them in the warm-ups now.
    … and thanks for the tips Sonia.

  10. Jeff

    30 Burpees for a warmup. Welcome to your 30’s Kevin!

    OHS – 5RM
    Making progress with my shoulder 🙂

    3 rounds…
    50 Mountain Climbers
    21 Squats
    12 K2E (bar)

    Time —> 7:42

    Great race MC and nice work 5:30!

  11. krista

    congratulations John and Sonia!
    Sonia – you’ve got the vision, spirit and talent that makes you a phenomenal athlete and coach!

    happy birthday kevin

  12. MC

    Deadlift 5RM 125-145(2) Stopped because something was pulling my left shoulder

    WOD (K2E on the bar): 7:47 min
    Yes, Great race Jeff…you got me on those K2E. 🙂

    Happy birthday Kevin!

  13. Gabriel


    Strength- Shoulder Press x3
    75-85-95-95-105-110(f- only got 2)
    Had extra time, dropped weights to 95 and worked repetitively on form. Thanks for the tips and coaching Gabrielle!

    WOD: 3 rounds of.
    50 Mountain Climbers
    21 Squats
    12 K2E (bar)

    Time —> 10:12 or 10:21 Kevin can you let me know when your in tomorrow?

    Those K2E where alot harder that I thought from the bar compared to rings.
    Happy I did it as Rx’s 🙂

    Great work John, nice chatting with you afterwards!
    Congrats on your Strick Muscle up Sonia!

    All have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  14. Heidi

    WU x 2
    Thank’s for sleeping in on your B-Day Kevin and saving us on the burpees. Hope you had a great day!

    Push Jerk x 3
    Good job Denise, on all those PJ reps today!

    3 rounds of:
    50 Mountain Climbers
    21 Squats
    12 K2E (rings)

    Time: 8:52

    First time doing Mountain Climbers for me. These are really hard!!! And what’s with the squats immediately after????? Diabolical it tell you!!!
    At least that was my initial reaction during & immediately following the WOD. Now that I’ve had time to reflect…I kind of liked this one!

  15. John G.

    WU x 2

    Strength: Push Jerk (5s) 45-65-85-105-110 (bad form) – 95
    Great having the tips Gabrielle! You rock!

    WoD: rings for knees-to-elbow

    Legs on the brink on major spasm afterwards. Hehe
    Nice to work out with you too Gabriel!

  16. Gabrielle

    It was great to see everyone at the gym tonight 🙂 David, Charlene and John – it was nice to have a chance to work more closely with you tonight – I’m impressed! Finally, John thank you again for being a gentleman and making sure I made it out safe tonight 🙂

  17. Liam

    WU x 2
    Strength = Push Jerk x 5

    WOD: RXed
    Time: a panting 9:35
    Holy hell this was a leg and lung burner!

    Congrats on the muscle ups John and Sonia!
    Kevin, I hope you had a wonderful birthday buddy!

    Great work 5:30 crew. You guys were all quick little bunnies!

  18. Owen

    WU xd 2
    press 3’s
    65-75-85-95-105(1F) 105×3
    50 Mountain Climbers
    21 Squats
    12 K2E rings

    Time 10:57….it was slow!! many many breaks on the mountain

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