Boxing Day!


Boxing Day!

There will be one class tomorrow at 12 noon. If ZenPlanner shows it’s full, please come anyway. It’s a workout that can accommodate any size.

Also, what did you all get for Christmas? Any cool CrossFit stuff?


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  1. Mario

    I got some bar straps and weightlifting gloves.

    Also, I just realized that the word “tomorrow” in today’s post was a very important part of the sentence it was in. As in, not today. As in, no one at the gym at noon today… Hahaha!

  2. Amanda

    Santa delivered our skipping ropes!! 🙂

    Will check the prices when I get home, I can’t remember what it was offhand for each of them. There was duty on them as well, around $22 for all of them.

  3. Gabrielle

    WU times 1

    1 completely unassisted strict pullup!!!! Woooohooooooooo! I’ve been working on this goal for a while now – happy to have finally reached it 😀 Tried for a second one but just didn’t have it in me to do a second one right after the first…

    WOD 12 days of Christmas (slightly modified)
    1 pullup (yellow band strict)
    2 pushups (toes)
    3 tuck jumps
    4 dips (from chairs)
    5 squats
    6 burpees
    7 lunges
    8 mountain climbers
    9 goodmornings (45 lbs)
    10 KBS (20 lbs)
    11 situps
    12 medball clean and throws (14 lbs)

    time: 20:10 Screwed up at the very beginning – did 1 pullup, 2 pushups then 3 tuck jumps… Realized my mistake so I did 2 pushups, 1 pullup and then 3, 2 and 1 again before going to 4. I thought my little list was going to help prevent confusion, but it seems thinking is also very important on this one 🙂 I subbed the boxjumps for KBS because I don’t have enough room to do it all in my tiny living room. I liked this workout despite having bad heartburn from not eating so well yesterday… Yes, one would think I would have learned after last Sunday, but it seems I didn’t! Ah well… Christmas only comes once a year!

    I hope everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday 🙂

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