“My core is weak”

Have you said that? If you have, the answer is NOT more situps. Gymnasts have strong cores, but they don’t do hundreds of situps to get that way.

The answer is midline stabilization. If you draw a line from the back of your head to your tailbone, that’s your midline. The strength of your midline is determined by how well you can keep it straight under load, whether it’s a deadlift, overhead squat or pushup.

Core also doesn’t mean abs. It’s your entire midline, back included. When you’re deadlifting, if your back rounds, you’ve lost your midline stability. Will situps help? Nope. But there are a lot of other exercises that will help.

Planks, L-sits, L-pullups, Supermans, Good Mornings, Hip/Back Extensions, Skin the Cats. These are all supplementary exercises that can be done above and beyond the daily movements we do, like squats, presses and deadlifts. Do them as a cashout. Try a different one every day. See how long you can hold them.

When you tell me you need to work on your core, please choose an exercise above, and not situps. It will probably make me smile 🙂

Back away from the situps!

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  1. Heather (Mum)

    Happy Birthday Jane. Congrats for your ring dips.
    Have a great second day at Cert. Have a safe drive home. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Jeff

    CrossFit Moncton now has a few new trainers! We all finished day two with certificate in hand! What a weekend and such a great experience. Today involved a team WOD… but we won’t post it. We’ll save it for a surprise someday back home. Tomorrow is a travel day so that means tonight will involve a little celebration. 😛

    Also at the end of the day today Pat Sherwood interviewed us. Watch for the video one of these days on the CrossFit main site.

    Happy Birthday Jane!

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