Best of luck!


Best of luck!

Sonia, Marc, Jeff, Pierre A, and Martine are leaving this morning for Boston for their CrossFit Level 1 certification. They will be learning from the best trainers in the world and will be coming back with tons of newfound knowledge to share with you.

Best of luck! I know you’ll show them what CrossFit Moncton is made of!!

30 Clean and Jerks for time (135/95#)

When cleaning, remember not to pull early with the arms. Keep them straight until you reach full extension.

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  1. Ed K


    Squat cleans 5RM
    95-135-155-185-205 wanted 215 but ran out of time

    Grace with 135

    1:56 (pr)
    Might have missed 2 or 3 reps though

    I tore my key in half while opening my car. thanks for the drive home kev. I fucking hate winter.

    Ps, I think I left my phone in your car. Fuck my life.

  2. chantal

    Good luck and have fun at your cert this weekend guys. Someone can have my 3:15 spot I have to leave earlier for Fredericton. Have a great weekend everybody πŸ™‚

  3. Hannah

    Sorry, Kevin, can’t make Sat. a.m. Have a great weekend & thanks for the encouragement this week. Thanks to the group for making me feel so welcome. You’re inspiring. πŸ˜‰

  4. Heidi

    WU X 2

    Dead Lifts X 3

    WOD: Grace @ 60% of push jerk max = 55#
    Time = 2:25

    Good luck to all the Cross Fit Certification candidates. Looking forward to hearing all about your weekend.

  5. Gabriel

    WU x2
    Substituted Pushups for Ring dips (green band)on 1st set.

    Strength – Back Squat X3
    95×5-135-155-175-195(PR for reps)-205(f)

    WOD: β€œGrace”
    30 Clean & Jerks @ 90#

    Time: 3:27

    Cash out: 1min Plank.

    Great work 6:30 group!
    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  6. Tracy S.

    WU X2

    Strength: Push Jerks (1’s)
    80 (X3) – 85 – 95(f) – 95 (matched previous PR)

    WOD: “Grace” @ 55#
    Time ==> 4:14

    Good luck to the guys & gals going for their Level 1 Certification in Boston this weekend.

  7. Gabrielle

    WU x 2

    WOD Grace
    30 clean and jerks for time (75#)

    Time : 2:58 man was that ever hard on the grip and lungs! My CF cough is back!

  8. Elissa

    WU X 2 (Pull up – new blue band)

    stength – Shoulder Press (5’s)
    45-55-65-70-75 (10 # pr from November 25th)

    GRACE: 65# – 3:09

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