You did it!


You did it!

Congrats to all the Paleo Challengers! You did it! I bet 7 weeks never felt so long.

There were a ton of huge gains over the past 2 months. Most impressive was the CFT yesterday with some crazy personal records.

So what do you think? Did you diet play a part? Do you think you would have improved that much regardless? Did it get easier near the end? What other improvements did you see? Will you stick with it?

If you’re a challenger, please post your thoughts about the Paleo diet and how itโ€™s affected you and your performance.

The Sasquatch cheers on Chantal for her 1000m row


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  1. Gabriel

    The Paleo diet has certainly been a great benefactor for me for both my health as well as my overall feeling of well-being. It has definitely played a huge role in my gym progress, but also my attitude in general since I find myself in a more positive frame of mind. My improvements would have been inevitable even if I had not done the Paleo challenge but not to the extent that it has been.
    The diet has become part of my life. Each day became easier after the first 2 weeks and since then I never looked back. I used to have a drop of energy during the day and needed to rest and I find that this has gone as well.
    There is no way back to the old eating ways for me. Of course I will try re introducing a few things but if they impede in any way the zone that I โ€˜m in now, theyโ€™re out. When I joined CrossFit, never thought I get a 2 for one deal.
    Thank you.

  2. Gabrielle

    Congratulations to all paleo challengers for your perseverance and tremendous results ๐Ÿ˜€

    And yay for our first snowfall!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Chantal L

    I beleive that paleo was a big improvement factor for me. I got huge PR’s that I thought I could never get in 7 weeks (like switching pull band – I’ve been on the blue band forever, doing push up’s from feet, finally getting to fail some weights lifts – I would of never pushed myself that far before, etc..). I realized that the diet was a huge factor on my success so I started pushing myself a bit more. I don’t think I would of got there without the diet… I would of been to scared to push myself that much (for those who knows how nervous I get when I’m about to try some pr weight).

    I find that it got harder for me near the end, I was tempted to cheat a lot more! I think that the fact that it was a ‘challenge’ where we’re not supposed to cheat was what made me want to cheat! Kind of like, you tell a kid that he can’t do one thing, but he does it anyway!! Haha! The last two weeks were horrible for me, but I still got PR’s for the 3 benchmarks, so I am pretty happy about it!

    Overall, the diet was successful, and I realized how bad some food can be for your body (feeling like crap the day after you eat it). I am going to keep on paleoing, because I know it works!

  4. Mario

    I think Gabriel read my mind before posting.

    The short version is that I am very glad I participated, it put my eating habits and such in perspective.

    I have had PRs and better overall cardio whereas in june-july when I was subjected to a busy schedule, like now, I was not on the same progression rate.

    Also, manage to kick that awful caffeine addiction. Those 3 first days of Paleo… My god.

    I’m happier with the fact that I learned much about myself in this process than reaching any sort of PR.

    Ok done talking now… Time to get that backsquat over 300!

  5. Heidi

    I just decided at the last minute to participate in Paleo Challenge, and really glad I did. I was mostly worried about trying to organize complicated meal plans with busy life schedule. What I learned was that it really wasn’t that difficult to organize. It’s pretty easy to just cook more veggies with supper and fill up on those, instead of having the side of potato, rice, or pasta. I honestly didn’t realize that I could have satisfying meals on a regular basis without any of those things on the side. I’ve also learned that I don’t need those 3 cups of coffee every morning. A substitute of hot water & fresh ginger tea really hits the spot & gives the the comfort of having a hot beverage. Cheese is a big weakness for me, but I’ve learned that I can make a pretty tasty omelet without benefit slathering it with melted cheese.

    I probably won’t stay on a strict paleo diet, but I will also not go back to the old ways either. For me, I think there is a nice blend to be had. I won’t introduce the potato/pasta/rice sides at all meals, but I will have it on occasion, and when I do, the portions will be much smaller. Coffee I’ll keep for weekend treats. Legumes and sweet potato’s will also be reintroduced as guilt free part my my diet again.

    The biggest challenge for me will be not going back to my old ways of evening desserts & snacking on cookies or other sweet treats. I’m really going to try to stick with the healthier desserts & snacks. My experimenting over the past weeks with paleo baking & finding suitable substitutes should help with this.

    As for noted differences, I’ve achieved some minor PR’s on each of the bench mark workouts. I haven’t done a strength rotation of 1 rep. max’s since starting Paleo (I’ll hit this next week, so results here are yet to be known). I have definitely toned up more over these past weeks and my clothes keep getting looser, so that’s been a nice benefit that I really didn’t expect.

    So all told, a really good experience that showed some positive result that was not as difficult as I expected …but the weekend cheats were a Godsend that I took full advantage of ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Heather (Mum)

    I started Paleo a few weeks before the challenge as was recommended to me by one the trainers from Crossfit Headquarters. I did Paleo strictly for my health and within weeks my arthritic hands and feet were vastly improved. I was able to return to the gym after three months of being in too much pain to lift anything. My benchmarks improved a lot from start to finish of Challenge but not yet up to what I once was before the time off. I will stay on Paleo for obvious reasons. The longer you eat Paleo the healthier you feel and it will become a way of life. It returned me to the gym where I want to be and I am very grateful. Congrats to all who took part.

  7. Lynn

    I was very excited to do the Paleo Challenge, I needed a reason to be accountable for what I put into my body. To my disappointment, my doc put the kibosh on the gym due to a nagging injury just a week into the challenge. I stuck with it anyways, just to see what would happen. The changes were unbelievable for me. Not only did my energy levels increase, I slept better, I didn’t get that mid-afternoon slump, I was more productive at work, my head felt clearer. My body didn’t feel toxic, the way it usually does after I eat grains. And the biggest suprise, I lost over 10 inches and over 20lbs! All this with NO physical activity (I’m not even allowed to walk on a treadmill)! I’m really disappointed that I cannot repeat the benchmarks to see how I’ve improved in that respect, but perhaps once I come back to the gym I will do them again, as I’m going to stick with Paleo for good! Great job everyone!

  8. Ed

    Went to the gym today

    1RM Bench press again, last time I cut it short due to shoulder.. came back with a vengence

    135-155-185-205-225-235-245(pr)-250(pr)-255(pr) Huge gains here.

    1RM Back squat
    225-245-275-295-305-315(pr) my bud made sure I went low enough woo

    I felt fresh so I had a weird craving to do fran…

    Thrusters 95

    3:29! PR by 16 seconds!

    Congrats to all who did Paleo. I follow it at about 80 percent and it allows me to keep gaining strength while losing fat and I don’t plan to stop. the biggest lesson i’v learnt with it is BALANCE! cheat once in a while, but stay consistent with paleo. awesome job guys and gals! I love seeing you all PR :):)

  9. Steve-a-reeno

    I was very happy with the results of the challenge for myself. As many have noted, I found it was as important a tool at improving my performance as it was a lesson in understanding what “normal” or “center” should be with respect to eating. The most challenging was giving up the Joe. Now that I have I can see how it affects my moods, appetite and general attitude. Furthremore removing the grain and diary has allowed me to realize that they my body does not need or want either. No more indegestion, nasal congestion, aches or pains. Furthermore removing the sugar and caffine from regular consumption has removed the energy swings during the normal course of the day.

    As for performance; METCON’s improved significantly and though my CFT went down, I believe it is more attributable to the lack of consistent training than the change in diet. As a bonus I lost between 15 to 20 lbs, belt doesn’t work properly anymore and I need to get some new pants.

    I am very happy with the results of the challenge. The Crossfit Community is awesome. I continue to learn more and more about myself as a result of being a part of it.

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