Another DL/Burpee wod


Another DL/Burpee wod

**Paleo people – check the Paleo site for important info about this week**

**Gymnastics seminar will be postponed until February**

7 rounds of:
7 Burpees
7 Deadlifts (185/135#)

Compare to Feb.26/10

Denim rider??

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  1. Joanna

    light back squats x3
    45 50 60 70 80

    7 Rounds
    3 Pushups
    5 Squats
    7 Deadlifts 95#

    pushups/squats were my sub for burpees as i’m not able to do those at the moment.

  2. Corinna

    WU x 2

    Strength: Push Jerk x 3


    WOD: 7 rounds
    7 burpees
    7 deadlifts (135#)
    Time: 8:26

    I felt very tired this morning. I also think my counting was also wrong!! Nice to see you back Joanna.
    Great job a.m. crew!

  3. Jamie

    CFWU x 2
    Worked on Ring Dips with no bands. Only two in a row so far

    Strength – Push Press x 5
    85-95-105-120-130(Dropped the last one)

    WOD – 7 Rounds of
    7 Burpees
    7 Deadlifts 185#

    Time: 7:16

  4. Rob

    wu x 2
    5 min attempting du’s

    Strength x 5
    Clean – 85,95,105,115,125(PR)

    7 rds

    7 burpees
    7 dl 185lbs

    9:21(? book is in car)

    Up until the 7 min mark I thought it AMRAP 7 mins. Hence my numerous pennies, so Kevin, you were right to mock me.

  5. Marc H.

    CFWU x 2
    5 min. stretch with foam roaller and double balls
    Push Jerk 5’s
    135-155-165-175PR for reps
    WOD as Rx’d -> 5:14
    signed a wall today… 😀

  6. Andy

    CFWU x 2 (RRs 10 x 2)

    Had to do the 1000m row today as I won’t make it in Friday.

    Time: 3:32.5 PR by 20 seconds vs Oct 1st 🙂 Thanks Paleo!!

    I am very happy with this as my times went UP the last 2 times I rowed. In fact this is the fastest I’ve ever rowed 1000m!!!
    Although it felt like I wasn’t moving at all near then end 🙂

    Now off to get cozy with my rower’s Fran cough…

  7. Angela

    WU x2
    worked on pull ups as my goat – made it to the bar once with the yellow band…so close!

    Push jerk 5RM

    7 Rds
    7 Burpees
    7 deadlifts (used 135# for first round then 115# for the rest)

    10:50 something

  8. krista

    5 min stretch with roller (goat)

    CF Total for Paleo
    Squat 155-175-185(F) thought i was lifting 165 at 175. YAY! matches PR
    Press 65-75-80 match PR
    DL 165-185-195 match

    WOD: as RX’ed

    15 min roller and ball stretching
    I have NO idea how you pulled that off in sub 6 Gill – that’s an awesome time!

    1. Gillyon

      Thanks Krista. 🙂
      The deadlifts felt really heavy today though. Great job on the press. Gives me hope that someone so small can press that. 🙂

  9. Marcel

    CFWU x 2

    Did some stretching with the ball.

    Strength: Push Press x 5


    WOD: 7 rounds
    7 burpees
    7 deadlifts (185#)

    Time: 8:14 PR by 3:32 🙂

    Very happy with this time, Krista it was great having you right in front of me — I was just trying to keep up with you. Good job 6:30 crew.

  10. Pierre A.

    Had to cancel tomorrow morning at 0600 hrs. There’s a free spot if someone was looking for one. Sorry for cancelling this late.

  11. Owen

    Wm x 2


    Strength 1’s – Back Squat
    35 x 1
    35 x 1
    45 x 1
    45 x 1
    50 x 1…PR was 60 and was expecting 65+…but shoulder way too sore to increase

    WOD AMRAP 7 Mn

    7 Burpees
    7 Deadlift 185#

    As Rx’d 8:41

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