Out of breath


Out of breath

You’re in the middle round of Fran. The thrusters are getting tough, and you want to keep going. But you’re out of breath. Your legs have lots of juice left in them, but the lungs are burning.

Sound familiar?

Some people tell me they feel like they’re not improving. People often ask me how they can increase their endurance or lung capacity. The answer. CrossFit.

No matter how good you get, you’ll always run out of breath. That’s the whole idea of constantly pushing yourself. It you weren’t out of breath, then you didn’t go hard enough.

Let’s look at an example. The first time you did Fran as prescribed, it took you 10 minutes and you felt horrible. Five months later, you try it again, finish it in 5 minutes and still feel horrible. In your head, you think your breathing should be better because you’ve been CrossFitting for so long.

And it has!

If I were to get you to do Fran, but you had to complete it in 10 minutes (even though 5min is do-able), you would feel like you were jipped. It’s going to seem too easy and you certainly won’t be breathing heavy.

The point is, you’ll always be keeled over gasping for air, no matter how long you’ve been CrossFitting. But you’re times will improve, and to me, that’s all that matters.

Even the big dogs need to breath

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  1. Kevin

    I want to thank everyone that came out to the play this week. It’s been a pretty stressful couple months, but it was all worth it. I know for some of you, it was your first time to see a Hairy Tease production. I hope it won’t be your last.

    I found out tonight that Jane and I will be starring in the next one in January together. Be sure to get your tickets early.

    Again, thank you for all the support! It means so much to me!!

  2. Lisa

    Always love the plays!!! Looking forward to seeing both of you again, I just hope Jane can contain herself this time.For your sake Kevin.

  3. Rob W

    Weird how the back of my neck is really sore today. Even more odd is that the WOD from yesterday had no instructions on dropping 85lbs on your neck.

    I will make the next play, I promise. If not I will do a burpee the following class.

  4. Jeff

    5km run ‘with’ Marc.

    58 seconds slower than my PR two weeks ago.
    Didn’t feel so light on my feet this time … but it sure was a good day for a run!

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