“The Bear Complex”


“The Bear Complex”

“The Bear Complex”
7 sets of the following sequence:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Complete 5 rounds. Rest as needed between rounds. Go for max load.

Rules: No resting on the ground (even to re-grip)
Jerking is allowed.
Can’t receive the clean in a squat and then directly overhead…must stand first, then front squat.

Bear Complex Demo from CrossFit One World

Taking a quick rest


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  1. krista

    8 late burpees

    Bear Complex
    45-55-65-75-85(failed just before finishing the 4th cycle)

    the push press/jerk from behind was the hardest part for me but still very happy with the weight. this was my first time doing this one, i like it!

  2. Kevin

    2 min. of skipping
    1 cycle of the WOD @ 45#

    Bear Complex
    Thanks for the push everyone!

    Oh, and thanks to Marco for noticing that we did 155 instead of 145 like we thought. Man, that was tough!

  3. Jeff

    Bear Complex


    In March I did 115# and was hoping for a big PR today but it didn’t happen cause my bad shoulder couldn’t keep up. Good to see you again Rob!

  4. Steph F.

    Bear complex
    5 rounds
    7 sets of:
    Power clean
    Front squat
    Push press/jerk
    Back squat
    Push press/jerk

    35-45-55-65(4 sets ; knock my face with the bar – ouch!)- 65 : 7 sets except the LAST push jerk that I missed 4 times, I had nothing left! I wanted it so bad! Next time!
    Thanks for the push everyone! Thanks Joanna for pushing me after the 3rd set of my last round, I thought I was gonna failed!

    Good job everyone!

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