Diet pop


Diet pop

Losing weight, but more importantly, body fat, is on the list for many people. Is it hard work? You bet. Is it going to happen overnight? No way. And for some people, they look for the easy pill. Or ways that they can still enjoy their “diet”, without too much compromise.

Enter diet pop.

The media bombards us with ‘low calorie’ this, and ‘no fat’ that! If you look at a diet pop, you’ll see that it has zero calories, no fat, no cholesterol…so it should be better than regular pop, right?


There are studies (not funded by the soda industry), that have shown by drinking just one diet soda a day, you can increase your chances of weight gain and obesity by up to 40%.

But how?! There are no calories!

Here’s what’s going on. Artificial sweeteners, like Splenda, aspartame, surcralose, trick your brain into thinking it’s going to be consuming calories. When your tongue feels that sweet taste, it triggers your body to start up the digestion process, but nothing’s there. There are no calories. And that’s when it starts messing with your metabolism.

If you want to learn more about it, check out the following videos.


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