Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Reminder that we are closed today for Thanksgiving.

I know this weekend was tempting for a lot of Paleo Challengers. I hope you made it through and you jump right back on track again. It’s gonna be a good week!


An unfortunate choice of words. That's what happens when you take shortcuts!


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  1. Mario

    This year I am thankful for…
    – the extra weight I can push/pull/lift
    – all the cool people I met at the gym
    – the 20 lbs I lost since May

  2. Ed K

    Hey guys,

    Everyone in this gym is always performing new PRs and awesome feats, I see it everyday I’m in the gym. Many of us are getting to a point where we seem to be slowing down or even plateauing. So, I’ve been himming and haing on how to fix this problem.

    I’ve decided it is flexibility.

    Overhead squat, pistols, butterfly pullups, regular pullups, front squats, ALL presses, Snatches, handstands, Cleans.

    Everyone in the gym is having a problem with one of these movements or struggling to improve.

    I have been speaking to kevin here and there about “I need to improve my shoulder flexibility blah blah blah, Complain, complain” and then he mentioned MOB WOD. which is pretty much a more intense version of the mini cash outs we have been doing at the gym post WOD. I’ve been looking around on the mob wod site and it looks really good. In fact, So good that I am going to make an effort to do it everyday.

    So the reason why I’m bringing it up is because I know a lot of people want to stretch but don’t have the motivation *raises hand* so I’m proposing a challenge of sorts. Similar to the Paleo challenge but with stretching! But this one is only an extra 10 minutes out of your day. So maybe we can make it a 1-2 month challenge, get a bunch of people doing it and who knows? maybe we can get those OHS or those Butterfly pullups? If we record all of our progress we may be able to even have the MOB WOD guy come to visit us at the end of it?

    I know I would be more motivated to stay consistent if I knew everyone was doing it with me.

    Anyway, whats everyones thoughts on it?

    1. Kevin

      I’d be willing to perform some range of motion tests before. But it will have to wait until after the Paleo Challenge is over. Too much on the plate right now.

    2. Pierre A.

      I’ve always reserved myself time for stretching after workouts and this goes back to the days of just lifting weights. It’s key for a lot of our crossfit movements in my opinion and can prevent injuries, etc… as we already know.

      Having said that, my stretching is always pretty similar and I think targeting specific things and varying my stretching would be very benificial and would improve my general flexibility significantly, which makes certain exercices easier.

      Sounds interesting to me.

  3. Dan

    Thanksgiving Revenge workout.

    WOD: JT
    Rig Dips
    Push Ups

    Time: 16:47

    Didn’t finish it strict last time. Went about 30/70 strict/kipping this time.

  4. Gabrielle

    Excellent suggestion Ed! I am going to try to incorporate more stretching after my workouts too, but it’s always tough to do it (time constraints) right after the WOD… I’m going to check that site out and see what I can do at home maybe! First things first though – I need to start CF again!

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