Some stats


Some stats

Some stats as of Oct.9, 2010

Total posts – 842

Total comments – 19,133

Average comments per post – 22.7

Total views of website – 444,436

Busiest Day – Sept.13, 2010 – 1437 visits

Most Referring Site – CrossFit Fredericton – 3892 visits

Top search term to find site (other than CrossFit Moncton) – ‘CrossFit Dieppe’

Most clicked picture –

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Marc H.

    went for a 5k run with Jeff. This was actually my first 5k run that I was running for time. Finished with a 23:28. That was fun. Nice PR Jeff and we’ll do that again.

  2. Jeff

    5km run with Marc

    Time —> 25:45

    PR by 1:11 😀
    I didn’t feel the urge to stop and it felt great! Could it be the new shoes? The 10 hours of sleep I got? …or maybe the fact I had Marc in my sights the whole time. Thanks Marc!

  3. Mario

    Guess lots of people went running today! 🙂

    4K run, 24:55, felt good for my first real long run in a year.

    Happy Thanksgiving All !!

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