AMRAP in 7min
10 Hang Squat Cleans (95/65#)
10 Pushups


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  1. Pierre

    Hey guys,

    I received my next order of Paleokits.
    This time I bought the Original and not the Grass-Fed, so it will be cheaper.

    Since the jerky in the last Grass-Fed batch was not great, I would like to give away some Original Paleokits to those who had bought some kits from me previously. So please post your name to comments if you haven’t took your money back from the last kits.

    As for those who wants to buy some. Here is the price:

    (Small) Original PaleoKits –> 4,50 each
    (Large) Original PaleoKits –> 6,50 each I only have (5) large in that order.

    Finally, MC and I tasted those new ones and the jerky is tender and juicy! 🙂

  2. Gabriel

    I’ll try 2 of those Pierre. Mind you the other ones, although chewy where good 🙂
    Also i’ll get one of the large ones.

  3. Joanna

    WU x3
    Strength – Push Jerkx3
    65 70 75 90 100(PR Reps)

    AMRAP 7 mins
    10 Hang Squat Cleans #65
    10 Pushups (handraise from feet)
    4 Rounds + 5 Cleans

    1. Cheyenne

      Oh Kevin, had they not put in that dining room set you may have won the “closest bid without going over” on the “Garlique” supplements. That was fun to watch!

    1. Pierre


      So (1) LARGE and (1) SMALL for you.

      If you guys want more, you can send me an email at: pierreboivin83(a)

      So now, I have nothing left….sorry guys.

  4. Allison

    Gabrielle, during the summer you brought in some cookies…can I get that recipe please or could you let me know the link to where I can get the recipe? Thanks!

    1. Gabrielle

      I will send the recipe to Heather’s email address if that works for you 🙂 I’ll send you a couple of other recipes you might like as well… I’m assuming this is for the paleo challenge, right?

    1. krista

      very cool! we’re all stars!

      only thing – i clicked on Gabriel’s first but it has a small typo (his name is karen), so i clicked on karen’s and she has no words.

      1. Kevin

        Gabriel’s is corrected.
        There are a few with no comments because they didn’t respond to the email I sent out. Deadline was Monday.

    2. krista

      i particularly like rob’s unicorn comment

      and i laughed myself to tears seeing steve’s photo again – all i can remember is the caption when it was picture of the day ‘weeeeeeeee!!!!’

    3. Tracy S

      Great job on the contestant pages Kevin. Interesting to read each one, but also for me it serves to help figure out everyone names – faces!! Thanks for that too.
      –> Good luck to everyone in the challenge!!

    4. Jeff

      If a non-crossfitter read Jeremy’s profile they’d be a little concerned!
      Goats on my deck? “I need to work on my goats’? lol 😀

    1. Gabrielle

      LMAO paleo sucks the big one when you start off, but it really pays off if you can stick it out through the first few weeks – I feel your pain – I hated myself and the world when I started paleo!!!

  5. Steph g

    Wu x3
    Strength dead lifts (3)
    95-115-125-135 (PR)- 145 (PR)- 155 (PR)

    10 hang squat cleans #55
    10 pushups

    4rounds and 3 cleans

    Turns out I can lift more w a good form 😉

  6. Jamie

    CFWU x 3

    Strength – Clean

    WOD – AMRAP in 7 mins
    10 Hang Squat Cleans 95#
    10 Pushups

    4 Rounds and 1 Clean

  7. Owen

    WU x 3
    Strength Push Press 5’s
    65-85-95-105-115 2 good 2 F

    WOD AMRAP 7 min
    10 Hang Pwr Clean 85#…trouble on the squat…
    10 Push Up (hand raise)

    3 sets and 4 Push ups

  8. Rob W

    WU x 3

    Strength Deadlift x 1(old PR 240)

    WOD AMRAP 7 min as Rx’d
    10 Hang Squat Clean 95#
    10 Push Up (hand raise)

    3 sets + 4HSC

  9. Gabrielle

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA 😀 I hope you had a fantastic day because you deserve it! Sorry I can’t be there to do burpees for you…

  10. Marcel

    WU x 3

    Strength Deadlift x 3


    WOD AMRAP 7 min as Rx’d

    10 Hang Squat Clean 95#
    10 Push Up (hand raise)

    3 sets + 6 cleans

    Great job 6:30 crew and nice snatches!

  11. Gabriel


    The Goat – Overhead Squats x1

    Gave myslef an F on the 55 since I was unable to get a proper squat in my 4 reps. Man!
    Need more practice, stretching.
    Thanks for the help and advice Joanna.

    WOD:AMRAP in 7min
    10 Hang Squat Cleans (85#)
    10 Push Ups (Hand raised)

    3rounds and 3 HSC

    Cash out: 1:30 Wall Snatch & 1:00 Plank

    Great work everyone!

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

  12. Heidi

    Warm up x 3

    Strength: Back Squat x 1 Rep.

    WOD:AMRAP in 7min
    10 Hang Squat Cleans (65#)
    10 Push Ups (Hand raised)

    4 Rounds

    That was tough one Joanna!

    The Price is Right, Kevin….very cool. Can’t wait to hear the story behind that.

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