2 things


2 things

Paleo starts tomorrow! If you’re a challenger, please bookmark this site – Paleo Challenge. Also, Rebecca Bilodeau emailed me with products that fit very nicely in the Paleo guidelines. Check the Paleo site for details. Oh, and good luck to all competitors!

There’s another site that some of you more competitive individuals may be interested in…The Atlantic Box Challenge…it’s not like Jenga at all, I swear. It’s mainly for folks interested in competing at the CrossFit Games to see how they stack up against other CrossFitters from around the Maritimes.

Must be done with a trainer as a witness.
Must complete it as prescribed.
Must complete and post results before the last day of the month.

CrossFit Moncton will be allowing members to try October’s workout on Saturday, October 16th at 11am.

A beautiful morning at CrossFit