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  1. Rob W

    I tried to add this info under the Paleo section but I did not know where to put it, and was unable to create a topic.

    I went to see Kevin Charchuk or the “flavor craftsman” @ the Dieppe Market. It was a great experience and I would encourage each of you to visit him. He offers a large selection of spices. Tell him what you are cooking and he will give you the product. Under “seasonings” you will see the blends broken down into cultures.

    I bought 6 packages for 9$. He accepts hugs as payments, let me know how that works out.

  2. krista

    i tried out my time on a previous 7.6km run loop
    today 37:27 – january 15 was 41:30 – PR of 4:03 🙂

    completed the full 8km in 39:29

    awesome row times all!

  3. Kevin

    If you’re not busy, drop by my place tonight for a little get together. It’s 153 Cassidy St. Text or call 962-0710 if you get lost.

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