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  1. Joanna

    WU x2
    Burgener WU x2
    Hang Power Snatch – got to 1RM of 85#

    30 Snatches 65#

    Awesome job this morning Gabrielle, you were super fast! Ed as Rx..WooHoo!

  2. Amanda

    Ed was awesome this morning – did the workout as RX’d!! I was glad to have been a witness to it, it was impressive!

    Gab – thank you for the yummy plums this morning, they were delicious!

  3. Kevin

    Lots of great snatches this morning!

    Back Squat

    Sonia and I were the only ones for the 7am…again! We both have issues going overhead, so we needed to do a modified workout.

    15-12-9 reps
    Hang Squat Cleans (115#)
    Hip Extensions (on Roman chair)


    What a terrible feeling in the lower back and hamstrings!

  4. Sonia

    Back squat
    5×95, 5×110, 5×125, amrap x 145 (got to 10 reps and started getting dizzy!)

    hang squat cleans (85)
    back extensions


    oh wow… low back and hammies are not liking me!!!

  5. Gary Wallace

    Kevin, had to cancel tomorrows 6:30 class (where I supposed to do the Intro class). Is it possible to do the Into class on Saturday morning?

  6. Marcel

    WU x2

    Burgener WU x2

    Hang Power Snatch – got to 1RM of 135#


    30 Snatches 95#


    Cashout 30 second L sit

    Nice snatches 6:30 class 🙂

  7. Gabrielle

    CFWU times 2
    Burgener times 2
    Strength Hang power snatch 35×5, 45×5, 55×5, 65×3 (they weren’t pretty but they went up… I like power snatches better I think!

    WOD 30 Power snatches 55# (I did 70% of my max, but I guess we were supposed to go higher…????)

    time: 2:07 This is the first morning I am starting to feel back to my healthy self… So yay to health!

    Super impressed with everyone this morning 🙂

  8. Heidi

    Warm Up x 2
    Burgener Warm up x 2

    Hang Power Snatch x 1

    WOD: Isabel
    30 Snatches 65#
    Time: 4:47

    I’m a little bitter being beat by my hubby by 5 measly seconds..I’ll get him next time on this one 🙂

    Great job everyone…this was a fun WOD.

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