Some news


Some news

We are closed today 🙂

Have you seen our Facebook Fan Page? Lots of great information and videos!

Next Sunday, we would like to organize a paintball excursion. Who’s in??

This month, Gabrielle and Pierre have done the programming. It looks yummy! Big thanks for their help.

There will be another Paleo Challenge starting up as well. To participate, you must register before Sept.25 and it will begin on Oct.4. If you would like more information, email me or ask me at the gym.

Steph running under the morning sun

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  1. Kevin

    Paintball has different packages…all include gear, guns and air refills.

    $30 for 200 paintballs
    $40 for 500 paintballs
    $50 for 1000 paintballs

  2. Tracey

    Kevin I tried cancelling my 6:30 for Tuesday night at 6:30 and I wasn’t able to. I forgot that it is the twins’ birthday and we are going out for supper. I would also like to book Friday at 3:15. Thanks!

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