Hopper Model


Hopper Model

**Reminder that the gym will be closed for Labour Day tomorrow.

Remember the Hopper Event? I drew a bunch of exercises out of a bin to create a workout. But why? Why don’t I just come up with a workout, post it, and have everyone do it…just like every other day?

The hopper model suggests that he or she is fittest who can perform well at any given task. The way to test it is to put a lot of various tasks in a bin and start drawing them out.

For a true test, the events should be extremely varied. Anything from a 1 rep max deadlift, to a half marathon.

Outside of the Hopper Event, how does it (or should it) affect you?

Let’s say tomorrow I have a hopper at the gym with every conceivable exercise in it. There are exercises in there that you wouldn’t mind seeing being pulled. However, there are at least a few (and probably many) that you would absolutely dread if they came out.

Whatever exercises you would hate to see drawn from the hopper, those are the ones you need to work on. They are probably your weakest links.

Make a list. Really. Write them down. Show me and we can come up with a logical way to work on them. When you work on a weakness, your strengths will improve too. Pretty soon that list will shrink and it will be time to create a new one.

Post your weaknesses to the comments.

Jeff from CF PEI at the Hopper

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  1. Gabrielle

    Weaknesses… Where do I start?!! OHS, Squat Cleans, Thrusters, Toes to bar, Kipping Pullups, Pullups, Pushups with elbows tucked in… I feel like the list could go on forever! Most of these have actually improved (even if not by much) over the last few months because I really try to face them every chance I get. Even on days when I’m supposed to take a rest day, I feel compelled to go in if I see one of my goats in a WOD. I would like to work on them more often than when they come up in WODs or in a strength rotation, but there’s so much to do and so little time on most given days at the gym.

  2. Rob

    Front Squat
    Brad Pitt
    Double Unders
    Any lift that I have to “get under it”

    I haven’t been doing this long enough to have seen many other exercises, but it is safe to say they are all in need of work.

    Although not an exercise, Nutrition is a huge GOAT – what to eat, when to eat it, what to avoid etc…

  3. Guy

    Overhead Squat, Running, Handstand Push Ups, Double Unders

    Football game tomorrow:


    Riverview High School Field @ 1 p.m.

    Come on out to the game! πŸ˜€

  4. Gabriel

    “Our strength grows out of our weaknesses” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    With that in mind, bring it on.
    There are so many new challenges that await me since I am fairly new to CrossFit that each time I have the opportunity to push myself to the limits, I take it on.

    So for me my weaknesses are any exercises that will push me to the brink of exhaustion that my mind is not willing to take over to push my body beyond those limits.

    OK I will put a few down.

    Everything that I have not tried yet and Pullups, Knee to Elbows, Front Squat (Getting those elbows up), Pullups (Oh I already mention them!), Double Unders.

  5. Jeff

    Wall Balls
    Routine Stretching
    The voice in my head

    …Great idea Kevin. Looks like September could be Goat month. πŸ˜‰

  6. Tracy

    My weaknesses are like the hopper, you can pull one out of the hat and it’s probably one of them!

    My greatest weakness is running! God I hate running!
    Any kind of “real” pull up, as I am physically unable to do that yet…yet!
    Dips! Grrrr, All I need to say about that.
    Moves that have a “jump” in it to get the bar up.
    Moves that keep the bar close to my body, I have a tendency to swing the bar out to far.
    Jump boxes…I could keep going!

    My strength has always been to avoid my weaknesses. That’s hard to do at Crossfit, because you constantly face your weaknesses and you can avoid it all you want, but there comes a time when you have to face them head on whether you want to or not! I learned that the hard way!

    Enjoy the long weekend everyone! And thanks for all the birthday wishes and burpees! πŸ™‚

  7. Jeanette

    Hey Kevin. Can you please enlighten me? What’s with this new pushup standard I saw on the HQ site today: “release hands from floor at the bottom.” To release the hands you have to release the contraction. The beauty of a pushup is that you have to maintain stability through the hips, back and shoulders. I don’t get it. I’m going to guess it’s a foolproof way to ensure everyone gets to the floor. Help me to understand, please.

    1. Kevin

      Ed’s right, it’s to ensure full depth. There’s no way to cheat them. And when you lift the hands, your rhomboids come into play, which brings a whole new level of fatigue. Try em out!

  8. Cheyenne

    It can be an overwhelming list so I’ll list my top
    Burpees – emberassing enough I still have yet to properly do one thank God I wasn’t at Tracy’s BDay party!
    Running – struggle with this mentally and also with endurance
    BOX JUMPS!!!!!!!
    Those are on my immediate wish list.
    I would like to see myself go from the rings to the bar for pullups one day soon but I’m afraid that it will become another OMG shit the bed things to add to my ongoing list.

  9. Mario

    Hmmm… goats.

    My goats are somewhat cardio-related, for exemple wall balls or lifts will kill me in a WOD, and it seems I can only perform double-unders nicely if Im super fresh.

    But as far as exercises, the ring dip, wall balls, thrusters, shoulder press. Also running, I use to be able to keep an OK pace.

  10. Kevin

    Great answers so far! I’m glad you’re all aware of what needs to be worked on.

    So when should you work on them? Start coming in early, finish your warmup, and start working on them. I see some people that finish their strength early and pick up a skipping rope to practice double unders. That’s awesome! That’s what I want to see. After the workout is done, when you’re tired and just want to go home, try some box jumps, or whatever your weakness may be.

    Mine are pushups, handstand pushups, ring dips, bench press, snatch, and getting enough sleep.

  11. Heather (Mum)

    I made friends with lunges, friends with running although not best friends yet. I may never be friends with OHS or burpees. Hand-stand pushups may be just a dream along with muscle ups and strict pullups. For now I would be happy to be there doing anything. So this week the broom stick will become my new best friend for now.

  12. Corinna

    I have been engrossed with reading all the entries.

    #1: OHS are my number one goat wihtout a doubt! I have progressed from a broom stick to the 45# bar, but OHS are actually painful for me to do.I truly believe that there is a mechanical misalignment with my body that will impede significant improvement regardless of the amount of stretching I do.

    #2: Burpees are no longer considered the enemy, but if ever World War III is declared, they will be the first to go. Initially, I could not do a burpee without stepping in because I did not have the flexibility to jump in. Now the majority of my pull-ups are done the proper way.

    #3: Push Jerk: I have a difficulty getting under the bar when the weight increases. The same weak body mechanics come into play here for me as the OHS.

    #4: Thrusters are becoming less and less of a goat. The 2oo thrusters we did last Saturday may have had something to do with that! smiles..

    My goals are:
    1. Complete prescribed pull up work-outs with out the yellow band.
    2. Complete Toes to Bar work-outs instead of sit-ups.
    3. Increase flexibility.

    My dream goals:
    1. Complete a muscle -up.
    2. OHS using 65lbs.

  13. Gillyon

    My Goats:
    – OHS
    – Full Snatch
    – Ring Dips
    – Sugar and Chocolate….mmmmmm

    Handstand Pushup
    Muscle Up
    Using rx’d weight in a OHS WOD

  14. kerry

    well, being a virtual newbie, i struggle with EVERYTHING–especially the lack of childcare while my husband is away, which i’m sure i’ll pay for this week. :S

    i’m not sure that there is any one thing that stands out more than my overall endurance or “staying power.”

    having let myself get so out of shape it’s wonderful that the workouts are so varied, so in the time it takes me to build endurance, i am also strengthening all parts of my body.

    it is not so much the specific activity that is intimidating, as much as i find it to be the volume or the sheer number of repetitions. since most everything is difficult to me now, it’s much easier to wrap my mind around doing something 10 times than it is to have to do it 50 or 100 or more. nothing but time and hard work is going to fix that, and by that time i will probably have a very specific list of goats. πŸ™‚

  15. Angela

    …..OOOHHH…RUNNING for sure!!
    Pull Ups
    And I am SO close to a real Push Up
    Basically anything requiring upper body strength
    And of course Eminem…..so dirty, yet so hot…

  16. Jeff

    For those that listed OHS as a goat….
    well for all of us really… Holy $#@%!!!

    as posted on the main site as tomorrow’s WOD: http://www.crossfit.com/
    Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps
    Dave Lipson 335lbs, Jason Khalipa 295lbs, Peter Egyed 250lbs, Kristan Clever 195lbs, Rebecca Voigt 175lbs, Elyse Umeda 165lbs.

  17. Andy

    7.8km hike today through Moosehorn and Laverty Falls with the kids. Saw Dan? there but not sure he recognized me. First ever swim with the kids in a waterfall- refreshing!

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