How do you measure progress? It depends. I prefer to use my performance as a means of measuring. If my lifts are going up, and my times are going down, that’s progress.

But not everyone has the same goals. Some want to lose weight. And that’s fine. Just don’t use a scale to measure your progress.

CrossFit Moncton is not a weight loss facility. We are a fat loss facility. How do you measure that? The preferred way would be getting your body fat percentage tested with a bioelectrical impedance machine.

Sounds complicated? It’s really isn’t. You lay on the floor, they hook up a pad on your hand and foot, and in a few minutes, the machine spits out the results. Easy!

Where can you get this done? I recommend Rebecca Bilodeau, the Holistic Dietitian. She can be reached at 854-4443 or [email protected]


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  1. Kevin

    Did a workout at CrossFit Kinetics today!

    15 Shoulder Rolls
    15 Arm Circles
    15 Pass throughs
    15 Good mornings
    15 Stiff legged deadlifts
    15 OHS
    15 Kickups

    Agility drills

    100 Singles
    30 Doubles
    20 KBS
    10 Twisting Pushups

    (And that was just the warm-up!)

    Push Press x1

    3 Rounds For Time
    Run 400m
    30 Jumping Squats (no weight)
    25 Toes to Bar
    20 Deadlift 205#


    Tough on the grip!

    Great to be able to workout at other CrossFits. Love the Kinetics crew!

  2. Joanna

    Ya..what Kevin said but my time was 28:49…

    Strength for me – Shoulder Press x1
    45 55 60 65 70 PR…Finally!

    Thanks for having us CFK..and thanks for all the encouragement! Adrienne you kept me pushing the last round 🙂 Good times!

  3. Gabrielle

    WOD at Centennial Park with Johan 🙂

    Mobility, light stretching and a few DUs – warm up

    WOD Jumping Johan 🙂
    AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
    20 DUs
    5 pushups (on my toes)
    10 sit-ups
    15 squats

    Total 11 rounds plus 5 sit-ups

    Great job Johan and thanks for the invitation to join you for a workout 🙂 I love Sunday workouts so I’m game for them anytime someone wants company 🙂

  4. Heather (Mum)

    I am behind in checking the site. Congrats Joanna on your muscle up and Gabrielle on your kipping pullup. You two are rocking it,

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