75 Power Snatches (75/55#)

This WOD came up on Jan.21, and it gave people some grief. Break it up into manageable chunks and chip away at it. Remember to scale appropriately. If you need advice on how much to scale, ask a trainer. For the move, keep a tight back, fast hips and active shoulders. Enjoy the second Hero WOD of the month!

CrossFit Moncton chilling with the Trainers

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  1. Gillyon

    Darn it…totally thought I had a PR today 🙁

    CW x 2
    Power Snatch 35-55-65-75

    WOD – Randy
    Time – 8:33
    Thanks for the push again Ed. You have been a huge help!

  2. Ed

    Warm up and burger warm up

    Strength squat snatch which I SUCK at 1-1-1-1-1
    65-95-115-135f-135pr- 135f

    Hero WOD

    75 powersnatchs at 75lbs

    4:59 PR last time was 6:28

    Cash out stretch!

    Nice push today morning crews, Randy is a tough one

  3. WU x 2
    Burgener WU x 2

    Front Squat 3RM – 45-65-75-75 Oof!

    Randy @ 45# – 8:59 😀

    Great work this morning everyone! Welcome Kerri! You did fantastic on your first WOD!

    Welcome back and congrats on the cert Jo, Gabrielle, Heather and Kevin!

  4. Tracey

    Kevin I am starting back at the gym in the morning instead of tonight, please cancel my 6:30. Jane is going to help me get my ass back into gear, I’m in desperate need of some encouragement!

      1. I just thought of something…maybe she’s already done that. Hee hee hee!!! Maybe it’s me that needs to do that. Ha ha ha ha!! We’ll figure it out Trace. I’m going to stop talking to myself now.

  5. Angela

    First 20 with 55#
    Rest 45#

    This was tough! I even got my first rip tonight, which by the way hurt like a bitch when the soap hit it 🙁

    Thanks Gabrielle for your support through the last 20 🙂

  6. Marc H.

    CFWU x 2
    Burgener WU x2
    Back squat 1’s
    ‘Randy’ Rx’d
    Glute stretch of 4 min.
    I love the stretching after the WOD. Continue that Kevin

  7. Patrick

    CFWU x 2
    Burgener WU x 2
    Practice power snatch: stopped at 75lbs and just worked on technique

    WOD: Randy @ 75lbs

    Time: 8:37

    Missed my PR by 2:43!!! Wow vacation was not good for me 🙂

  8. Corinna

    CFWU x 2
    Burgener WU x 2
    Practice power snatch: stoped at 85 lbs

    WOD: Randy RX’d (55lbs)
    Time: 6:47

    Feels good to be back!

  9. Pierre

    Crossed arms Front Squat (still can’t do a real front squat) –> 5RM
    135-165-1850 stopped there because my lower back is still sore from last week.

    WOD w/ 75# –> 4:20 (PR by 24 seconds I think)

    I think I could have cut off 10-15 seconds if my lower back would have been better!

  10. Kerry

    CFWU x 3 (because i just love it so much a.k.a. i wasn’t paying attention)
    Burgener WU x 2
    WOD: Randy @ 35lbs 71/75
    seeing as how this was my first WOD ever, it is a personal record. *chuckles* 🙂

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! I loved every minute of it…after i was done. 🙂

  11. Joanna

    WU x2
    Burger WU x2

    Strength Push Jerk x5
    65-75-80-85×3-85×3 Not workin for me today

    Randy @ #55
    65 reps in 10 Mins

    Thanks for the encouragement Ed..agree with Gill you have been a huge help :o) and nice PR today!
    Hope ya’ll don’t mind me lurking in your evening classes but I’m enjoying helping out! You’ll see more of me…sorry!

  12. Gabrielle

    Warm up times 2

    Burgener warm up times 2

    Snatch practice

    35×5-45-55-65-70-75 (pr)

    WOD Randy
    75 Power snatches for time (55# rxed)

    Time: 8:36 PR for weight (last time I did a snatch only workout I was lifting 45). Felt like puking starting at number 50… Told our coach to f*** off at number 70 (sorry Kevin I know you were just trying to help me finish faster, but did not feel like joining the pukie wall!) Joanna I will definitely take you up on the help with my kipping pullups… Tried them with the green band tonight and hit the bar with my throat (ouch!) i thinking I might be able to move up to the yellow band 🙂

    Amanda, you did a really good job at jumping that bar up… This was a goat WOD for you and you put up a fantastic fight – YOU ROCK!!!

    Great job on another tough one everyone 🙂

    1. krista

      awesome gabrielle – i knew you really wanted heavier power snatches on the PS / OHS WOD last week. you ripped this one out!

  13. Andy

    CFWU x 2 (no RR, no dips)

    AMSAP 10 min on back and neck – ouch and wow! Going to get a lacrosse ball tomorrow. Thanks Kev

    Burgener WU x 3 (45)

    Practice Power Snatch

    WOD Randy 10 min max
    75 Power snatches (75 – sub 45)

    AMSAP 10 min. More lacrosse ball on back/neck, and Glutes stretch. Needless to say you could drive a truck between my head and knees. Will keep at it though.

    Great to be back 🙂

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