23/1 Rule


23/1 Rule

I made a post last year about the 23/1 Rule. It’s something I picked up at the Level 1 Cert in Toronto, but I’d like to revisit it again.

How long are you at the gym? At most, one hour. As a coach, I have pretty much total control over what goes on during that hour. We warm-up, work on a strength lift and hammer out a workout. Some people stick around to stretch, which is great! And I may actually start programming that as a cash out. Regardless, it’s one hour out of 24.

That leaves you with 23 hours. That’s 1380 minutes to screw things up!

Do you eat garbage? Sit at a desk all day with poor posture? Stay sedentary? Not stretch? Drink enough water? Get only 5 hours of sleep?

There are unlimited ways to mess up your progress. And I have no control of it. That’s all up to you. You have to make positive choices.

I see you at the gym, busting your ass to do the best you can on the workouts. It is my hope that the same motivation spills over into your daily life.

Will you see results with one hour at the gym? Probably. Will you see more (and faster) results if you take it to the next level outside of the gym during the other 23 hours? Damn right!!

So what have you done differently in your 23 hours since joining CrossFit? What will you commit to doing differently now? Please post to comments.

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  1. Patrick

    Great post.

    Since I started crossfit, I find myself randomly stretching and massaging muscles that get sore from workouts or muscles that lack flexibility. I watch a lot of TV and I find it’s a perfect time to do it. I just push the coffee table over and start stretching on the floor while watching my favorite shows (except when Lost was on causing it needed my full attention).

    As far as my diet, I’m totally guilty of taking advantage of summer food and drinks for the past couple months. I have notice a VERY negative result in the gym. I think Kevin noticed it too. But I am planning on getting back on track soon.

  2. Ed

    I agree with you Pat It has defiantly splashed into other parts of my life, although I do let loose a little in the summer. I always kick myself though, like last week I had GREAT gains but I cheated on my diet to much and didn’t get enough sleep. Had me thinking, What would have happened if I was more strict ha.

    When school starts I’m going to be more strict, starting to throw in some extra training with Cfit endurance. this will require better dieting and a definitive need to stretching and foam/ball rolling

    Kevin I’ve been looking at Post workout nutrition, and I think it may be a really good thing to start doing



  3. Liam

    Since November of 2009 my diet has re-invented itself. Jerky, almonds (I’m almost never without almonds),turkey, bacon!! (but not turkey bacon…) berries, spinach, virtually cutting out breads entirely. Eating Something for breakfast. Eating sooner after finishing a workout. It’s a little more costly. It’s a little more time consuming. I find it so worth while though. I feel better on a daily basis now then I did for a lot of my 20’s. Better physically, but also mentally.

    When I first came to Crossfit Kevin told me the scale is just a number and it doesn’t mean anything compared to how you feel. And if I “needed some number to go by” then I should go get a body fat % test and measure my progress based on that.

    Welllllll I, being a stellar student, did not make time in my life to go get this body fat test done. But, I also haven’t weighed myself since I started crossfit 9 months ago. Or hadn’t weighed myself until last weekend at my grandparents. I started crossfit at 205. On 2 different scales in Cape Breton I came in at 180. 25 pounds. That’s a crazy testament to what a regular crossfit class and a few better choices at the supermarket can do.
    Choices I decided to make for myself only after learning about the Paleo diet and seeing the results occurring in the other crossfit members around me.

    I know I’m not there yet and that more changes are coming as I progress.
    There’s more I can do. I’m excited by the results I see and feel since Crossfit became a part of my life. The really exciting thing is that this is only the beginning.

    Hope everything is going great in Maine folks!

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