Pierre’s Creation!


Pierre’s Creation!

In teams,

400m run
50 Push Press (95lbs/65lbs)
200 OH lunges (45lbs/25lbs)
Then, after your team is done, do 50 burpees each
400m run

Modified does not mean easier

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  1. Pierre’s Special Warm Up

    Pierre’s Special WOD
    Teamed with Matt
    400 m Run
    50 Push Press (55#)
    200 OH Lunges (25#)
    50 Burpees
    400 m Run

    22:25 – Great work Matt! 😀
    Thanks Coach Pierre and Coach MC!

    Pierre, Guy says there’s a beer tent at the game!

  2. MC

    Donkey Kong warmup: 51 sec

    wod: in team with Tim as rx’d
    Our strategy was Tim was starting on push press until failure..and I was doing lunges in the mean time. I end up doing only 7 push press!!!
    Time: 19 something..I forgot!

    Good job Tim!! You pushed really hard!! It’s always nice to team up with you!
    I love team’s workout!! 🙂

  3. Pierre

    Jumping monkey warmup

    WOD w/ Sonia
    Modified for the special people. 🙂
    I did dumbbell Push press 40#, Sonia did 1 arm Push press (20#), 20# weighted vest lunges and boxjumps instead of burpees.


    That was a great morning guys!!

    Team WOD are really pushing you out of your comfort zone!

  4. Lisa

    special obstacle w-up
    Team Darrell & Lisa:
    push press(55)
    oh lunges
    50 burpees
    Time: 19:02
    Thanks Darrell your a great coach!!!
    That was quite the WOD Pierre! Thanks!!!

  5. Jeff

    Donkey Kong Warmup 😀 (Good one MC! lol)
    We need to do more box hurdles!

    WOD with Chantal:

    Glad to do this Rx’d. My shoulder wasn’t great so Chantal ended up doing a few extra lunges. Great job Chantal! You’re a great partner! That was a nice WOD Pierre. Saturdays are always awesome. 🙂

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