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520 Edinburgh Dr. Moncton, NB E1E 4C6

It’s Hopper Time!

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Come on out to watch the 2nd Annual Atlantic Hopper Event!

Registration is from 9am to 9:45am. The workout will be drawn at 9:45am. We will go over the exercise standards immediately following the draw. The first heat starts at 10am.

Things to note:
-Please don’t park in the street. There are designated parking lots available.
-Food will be provided for all athletes
-Scaling is an option…tell your judge.
-Other points will be gone over at 9:45am.

And have fun! This is a great chance to meet other CrossFitters from all over the Maritimes!

Forging Elite Friendships…one burpee at a time

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15 Responses to “It’s Hopper Time!”

  1. I was so excited for you guys Im up and wish I was with you. One more hour and it will all start taking place. Coach Kevin and Crossfit Moncton…Push yourself beyond. Its in everyone of you. Nervous Pee walking in and proud walking out lol. Good Luck!

  2. Best of luck to everyone, sad I am missing this one.

  3. I had a great time today Kevin, you did a great job putting this together. Thank you so much!

  4. Great job to Kevin, the organizing crew, all athletes, and of course, special mention goes to all CrossFit Moncton participants!!!!!! Way to go!!!

  5. My hat goes off to you Kevin for putting together a fantastic event! A lot of time and effort must have gone into setting this up and it showed by how organized the whole event was.

    I am so proud of my Crossfit Moncton family – from those who volunteered, helped organize, came to support and participated 🙂 We really have something pretty special going on here and it takes each and everyone of you to make it happen 😀

    Thanks a million for the cheering, the hugs and the encouragements before and after – it really did make a difference 🙂

    I love you guys! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and see you at the gym this week 🙂

    • Oh and how could I forget my photographer!!! Cheyenne thanks – the pictures came out really great 🙂

  6. Was a good WOD! Wish I could have stuck around ! 🙁

    • You’re a machine 🙂 It was insane to watch you start that WOD after everyone and catch up! Good on you!

      • haha thanks, It was really funny, I was asking the judge what was next the whole time LOL

        I think I could have done much much better on an uninjured knee and having a warm up 😉

  7. Once again it was a great event!!! Glad I participated! Thanks Kevin and all at Crossfit Moncton!

  8. I had such a great time today. Thanks for organizing this event! I look forward to next year already 🙂

  9. Great job to everyone up at Crossfit Moncton, you guys did an awesome jon putting this together! I’d also like to say great job to all of those who competed, everyone killed a very difficult WOD (my legs may not be functional for a few days)! This was my first time competing at a Crossfit event and it was great, great atmosphere, friendly people and some of the fittest people I’ve seen. I hope to see you guys again soon. Cheers from Saint John.

  10. I am so sad I couldn’t make this 🙁 I was totally looking forward to meeting the other affiliates that I have not meet is yet and of course all the CrossFitters around the maritimes. BOO HOO!

  11. Great job Kevin!!

  12. Awesome day today!!! Great event, great people, great performances, and a ton of fun!! Looking forward to next year already!

    A big thanks to Kevin and everyone who helped organize…well done!

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