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Head Games

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Row 500m, then:
10-15-20 reps of
Deadlifts (135/95#)
Box Jumps
Finish with a 400m run

Do your friends or family ever say anything about the beatings?

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14 Responses to “Head Games”

  1. crap! i ALWAYS miss the box jump workouts! 🙁

  2. CW x 2
    Shoulder Press (5 reps): 45-55-60-65

    Row 500m
    10-15-20 reps of
    Pushups (hand raise)
    Deadlifts (95lbs)
    Box Jumps
    400m run
    Time: 10:34

  3. did a lunchtime run.. holy moly it’s HOT!

    CF Endurance WOD:
    2x 12 min run
    2 min recovery between intervals

    first run was 2.5km, second run 2.75km
    total with warm up & getting back to office – 8km in 39 minutes – PR by 3 minutes, and the warm up and cool down were not a crazy pace – WOOHOO!

    did i mention it was HOT!
    good luck at the hopper everyone! i wish i was in town to do it 🙁

  4. WU x2
    Strength – Cleans x5

    Row 500m
    Pushups (hand raise)
    Deadlifts #95
    Box Jumps
    Run 400m
    Time 16:29 – Meh

    Got a PR on the row..1:57.8
    Heidi you were super quick this morning..good job!

  5. WUx2
    Box jump got max of 42 inches I think.
    WOD Modified
    Run 400 m
    10 15 20
    ring rows, dead lift 95#, boxjump run 400m

  6. Push Press – 3RM
    95-115-135-150-160 (PR for reps by 10)

    WOD –> 12:39

    Got a PR on my row too… 1:42.3
    Happy but it’s not really the best way to start that WOD.

  7. Good morning 5RM –> 95-135-155-165 (PR for reps)

    WOD –> 9:10

  8. Overhead Squat 1RM

    Row 500 (1:41, PR by 15sec)
    – push-ups, hand raise
    – deadlift 135#
    – box jumps
    Run 400

    Time: 14:45

    ALso happy about the rowing PR, but killed me for the rest of the workout… 🙁

  9. Clean 5RM: 95-115-125-135(power cleans)-155

    WOD: 11:37

  10. WUx2

    Strength: Front squats – oh how i hate them
    5x 60-65-70-75-80

    WOD: “Head Games”

    Row 500m (2:10)
    10, 15, 20 rounds of:
    -Pushups (knees)
    -Dead lift, 95#
    -Box jumps
    Then, Run 400m

    T = 18:00

  11. WU x 2 – PR of 10 pullups
    Push jerk 5’s: 45-55-65-70

    Row 500m : 2:17:8 (PR)
    then: 10-15-20:
    knee pushups (hand raise)
    Deadlifts (95#)
    Box jumps
    then: 400 m run

    Time: 15:09

  12. Warm Up x 2

    Push Press x 1 Rep.

    WOD: “Head Games”

    Row 500m (2:00.9) – 4 second PR
    10, 15, 20 rounds of:
    -Push ups (hand raise)
    -Dead lift, 95#
    -Box jumps
    Then, Run 400m

    Time: 12:51

    This work out was appropriately named! Very tough.

    Good luck & have fun to everyone participating in the Hopper this weekend. Marcel & I will miss it, but can’t wait to hear what the work out is and the stories!

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