Get registered!


Get registered!

The Hopper Event is coming up on July 31. Have you registered yet?

For those that don’t know what it is…it’s a random workout, drawn that morning, and done by all competitors. It’s a fun and friendly event, giving you the chance to meet other CrossFitters from the Maritimes. It also gives you a taste of competition, which is an awesome part of CrossFit.

This year, there’s an Owner Challenge. All affiliate owners will be competing in their own heats for bragging rights on the fittest owner. Gonna be amazing to watch!

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your spot today!

The event will be as random as bingo numbers!

6 Responses

  1. Gabrielle

    I’ve registered, not because I think I can kick anyone’s ass at the Hopper, but because I think it will be a good experience and another great opportunity to face some of my Crossfitting fears head on. Well ok, maybe I’d like to kick at least one or two people’s ass 😉

    I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

  2. Jeff

    I registered because it’s going to be a great day I don’t want to miss out on! Kevin, have you considered a “mini-hopper” at the end of the day only for the winners of the heats?

  3. Amanda

    I registered…not because I think I have a chance at winning, but just LOVE competing. At anything, anywhere, any time. Win or lose, I love it.

  4. Andy

    Would love to give ‘er this year but will be away. I did this last year and it was awesome. Also very inspiring to watch Heather last year leave it all on the mat! If anyone is thinking about it but scared, stop thinking and just do it! You won’t regret it 🙂

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