Heads or tails?


Heads or tails?

200m Tire Flips

Now that's mowing CrossFit style!

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  1. Angela

    Well as a tire flipping virgin, I must say that was pretty fun. 10 minutes flat..not bad. Thanks for all the encouragement!!! Jamie, Guy and Johan…thanks for laughing at my jokes…sometimes they’re pretty lame 🙂

    1. Gabrielle

      Yeah you and Guy gave such an amazing push at the end 🙂 it was so cool
      to watch you give it your all and pass him in the end! Good job guys 🙂

  2. Mel

    I popped my tire cherry too this morning! 😀 I was really excited to try it, but it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be…. 7:42

  3. Sonia

    200m tire flip

    a first time for me too!!! 6min flat… oh gonna feel that in the glutes and hams tomorrow. Great job everyone:)

  4. Gabrielle

    Special warm up with running, deadlifts, hugs, squats and stretching

    WOD 200m of flipplin tires 7:26
    First time flippling tires for me too… Good cardio workout! Still coughing

  5. sonya

    Damn You Mr.Tire!! We will meet again when my lungs arent on Antibiotics and I will win next time. Forgot the time but wasnt last…yeah! lol

  6. Guy

    Tire flip (approx #150) 200m.
    Time 6:13
    Good push at the end Jamie.
    I was really impressed with the wife’s time.
    I was happy to remain the man of the house. Only by a few seconds.
    Always fun Saturdays.
    Good effort everyone.

  7. Corinna

    200m Tire Flip – 6:38. My lungs definitely felt today’s work-out. It was nice being outside. Good work everyone!!

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