Food for thought


Food for thought

Have you ever…

Washed your car in the rain?

Brushed your teeth, then ate a meal?

Showered, then went to the gym?

Ate like crap after a workout?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re ridiculous. Pay particular attention to the last one.

There are those that think working out will burn excess calories, so they deserve an ice cream or a treat. And that would be alright, if it happened on the rare occasion. But I’m sure it happens more frequently.

What happens to your body during and after a workout? You have broken down your muscles and they start to regenerate, growing bigger and stronger. However, they need the proper fuel. If your car was on empty, would you fill it with sugar or some other crap? NO! You put the proper fuel in it so it will continue to perform.

Why would you treat your body any different? When you dump crap in your body, it’s not helping it recover. It will not help you perform better.

Think of food as the foundation of your house. It’s going to crumble if the base is made of garbage. Food is your body’s foundation. Build it with the best material you can.

Eat better, sleep better, see the results!


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  1. Gabrielle

    Good post Kevin!

    I hope you guys had fun on the adventure race 🙂

    Patricia from Crossfit Kinetics is on the main site – cool pic!

    1. Marcel

      Not on it, but I still follow some of the principles. I make my own salad dressing, salsa, marinades, etc. I really avoid any “pre-packaged” foods full of sugar and salt. I am back to eating some grains (whole wheat), but I do limit my intake. I guess I’m just trying to eat better in general with no particular “diet” in mind except a “healthy diet”.

  2. Actually, it’s not that ridiculous. Activity, especially high intensity activity, improves insulin sensitivity / nutrient partitioning, which helps glucose uptake into the muscle. Translated, this means that sugar after a workout is actually ideal to speed up recovery. Problem is, only some types of sugar are suited for this (dextrose, maltodextrin, glucose, etc). Fructose is not one of them, and unfortunately, most candy is based on fructose. So even though sugar is “junk” there are occasions when it is acceptable (and arguably ideal).

    Sorry to be a stinker! 🙂

      1. Dates are typical fruit – 50% fructose. Bananas, cherries, peaches, etc … all the same at about 50%. None are ideal for post workout recovery. Not saying they are bad, just not ideal. 😉

        For the record, I personally don’t worry about my post workout meal, and I don’t recommend it for others. UNLESS there’s valid reason. For 99% of the population, it’s completely unwarranted. Stick with meat, veggies, and nuts for all meals and you’ll be fine.

  3. Lisa

    Not on Paleo any more and should be! Reasons? Stress!Instant gratification! Reasons I”m going to follow it more. ? Stress! Feel better! Train better!

    1. Amanda

      I even tried it twice, just to make sure it wasn’t just a ‘one of’. But alas, I can’t have any junk after I work out, it makes me feel sick. So I’ve started substituting ice cream for a shake – frozen berries, a yogurt cup, some milk and a bit of protein powder.

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