CrossFit Sackville Grand Opening


CrossFit Sackville Grand Opening

Today at 2pm, CrossFit Sackville will be opening their doors. Please come out and support a new addition to the CrossFit family. If you would like to car-pool, meet at Kevin’s house at 1:15pm.

400m of Burpee Broad Jumps (Bring gloves!!)

Go towards the light...

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  1. Gillyon

    been hit with the throat virus that is circulating my school, have to cancel for today. Have fun with this one…sounds interesting

  2. Gabrielle

    I was sort of wishing I’d trip and fall down my stairs this morning, unfortunately I’m healthy enough to do this crap… 😀

  3. sonya

    LOL You are sounding like Tracy now Gabrielle. lol See ya at 10. We will miss ya Trac. Have a blast in the miramichi.

  4. Mario

    400m run w/ 45# plate
    Group Limbo Warm-Up (this was really a fun one)

    WOD 400m Burpees – Long Jumps (21:58)

    Well, this was tons of fun!
    Great work everyone!!

  5. Angela

    400m run w/ 25# plate
    Group limbo (just a typical Friday night for me)
    WOD 400M Burpees – Long Jumps (30:26)

    Half way through I thought about throwing myself infront of the garbage truck…. Glad I did it though…Yeah ME!!! Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement.

    Great job guys….

  6. sonya

    Warm up Limbo (alot of laughts)
    WOD: 400m run with #25 plate.

    400M Burppe Long Jumps 17:23
    Tried to keep the humor along the way. So much for the knees looken good in skirts for a bit. lol
    Awesome encouragement and love our Crossfit Family. Good job Gabrielle with your bad knee you did amazing!!!

  7. Gabrielle

    Mobilty & 400m run with 25# plate

    Crossfit limbo (Johan !!!! That was insane!!!)

    400 m burpee long jumps… Left knee not feeling so good from yesterday’s workout…

    Time : 30 minutes… This workout doesn’t have an official name does it? A few came to mind through the course of it though…

    Angela, thank you for partnering with me on this one! Your sense of humour kept me from moving to the dark side.

    Thank you again for all the encouragements guys and gals – it’s always nice to feel your support 🙂

  8. Joanna

    400m Run with #25 plate – That was uncomfortable

    CrossFit Limbo – Fun one!

    400m Burpee Long Jumps – Also fun?
    Time – 17:22

    Love Angela’s comments through this one. Whenever a car went by – Run me over please! I hate you Kevin Wood! I want my money back! Or at least half..

  9. Johan

    400m 45#plate run
    400m burpee wod 13:43
    I think Kevin laughed even more than usual today… evil thoughts in action… but felt good to finish.

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