Open Gym


Open Gym

A 3:15pm class has been added to the schedule tomorrow.

Also, yesterday marked the one year anniversary of CrossFit for Tim. He always walks in, nonchalantly, and gets the work done. He doesn’t care to check the site, because it doesn’t matter…he’s going to do the workout anyway.

No matter what’s thrown at him, he’s always willing to try. And with an attitude like that, he’s seen tremendous results. Congratulations on your amazing progress Tim. You are a huge inspiration to me, as I’m sure you are to many others.

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Tim today

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  1. Jeff

    Tim, I wouldn’t have joined if it weren’t for you. Back then I said to myself… “If Tim can do it then what’s my excuse?” Thanks! You inspire all of us everyday!

    Another 18 holes of golf… and a lot of walking today.
    Great long weekend!

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