Question of the day


Question of the day

Yesterday was a team workout. Do you (or would you) work harder when you’re in a team? Or do you not push as hard because you know there are others that will help?

Post your thoughts to comments.

Steph pulling 90# on the sled drag

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  1. Gabrielle

    I wish I could have been there for the team workout instead of doing it by myself at home. I always feel like I work hard and if at all possible I would certainly work as hard as I can to help my team and not let anyone down. I wouldn’t be surprised if my results would be better when I’m working in a team. In fact, my results are probably better when I can do the workouts at the gym vs when I do them at home. There’s something more motivating about working out with other people rather than alone.

  2. Raychell

    I definately worked harder yesterday because I didn’t want to let my other teammates down. Seriously thought I was going to puke after the thrusters though.

  3. sonya

    I agree with all of the above. I will not do alot at home at all. I have joined other gyms just to put it off and say “tomorrow” and then never return. I feel this works for me like no other. Having to post to get a spot is the key and definitly work wayyyy harder with a team. You see if they are not stopped…you dont either unless you really have too! I was soooo scared of Saturdays…and now feel it is my favorite and brings us closer as the Crossfit Family to get to know everyone on a differenct level…especially with all the new memebers joining us! Shows where we stand when we are a group..not just numbers on the board.

  4. Jeff

    18 holes of golf!… and that was this morning after our great night of poker!

    Teamwork requires individual effort towards a common goal. There are some team workouts that motivate me to give 110% far outside of my comfort zone. Remember the “buddy get-ups” and barbell shoulder switch WOD? I was paired with Pierre and it required a lot of extra individual effort on my part.

    1. Pierre

      That teamWOD that Jeff is talking about was one of the best teamWOD I ever did!

      It was really a team effort because every moves were always done in pair!

  5. Gabrielle

    Warm up mobility 6km beach hike with Copin

    WOD Shane’s belated birthday burpees – 35
    time: 2:34

    I did them on the beach and I figure the sand added a little “interest” to my late burpees. I have sand burns on my knees to prove I finally got to it 😀

    Then, I ran the last 500m home because the mosquitoes were pretty bad… I swallowed a few unintentionally as I ran, but I figure they’d be allowed in my paleodiet so I won’t worry too much about it. 🙂

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