It’s a Saturday!


It’s a Saturday!

We shall warm-up with some CrossFit Basketball!

The workout has something to do with the picture below.

Carly's guarding the sacred tire

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    1. Guy

      Hercules! Hercules! What was it Mel said? Good for you honey! Now you can yell “FOR SPARTA!” and kick someone into a hole! 😀

  1. Kevin

    Wow, the compilation video will be filled tomorrow! Ring dips, muscle-ups, tire flips, basketball shots! Crazy morning!

    Sonia, Joanna and I went to the bottom of Gunningsville bridge to run…uphill.

    It was 400m with a 25-30m increase in elevation.

    Was planning on doing a 5th, but I almost puked at the end of the 4th one.

  2. Sonia

    50 Tire flips
    20 small
    20 medium
    10 big with Chantal T

    Then 4x400m hill run

    Congrats Jane, Joanna and Guy!!! what a day:) well done!

  3. Sonia

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much to all that helped raise money for Kevin and I. It is greatly appreciated. We owe you and hope to make you proud at the games 😉

  4. Heather (Mum)

    Congrats to Joanna, Jane and Guy. You guys rock.
    Warm-up basketball.
    50 tire flips
    Run 400 m. time 2:43 10 sec. better than yesterday.

  5. Joanna

    Basketball warm-up

    Tire flips
    20 small
    20 medium
    15 biggie

    First ring dip!! yay!

    Running uphill with the other crazies
    1st 2:05
    2nd 2:12
    3rd 2:20
    (I sat out the 4th round, 3 was enough)

    Congrats Jane and Guy too!!

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