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T-shirt order

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I need your order by Wednesday.

There will be guy’s shirts and women’s fitted shirts, for $20 each.

The options for the print on the back are:

If it were easy, it’d be “the other gym”


The CrossFit Moncton Creed

Both shirts will have the new CrossFit Moncton logo on the front.

Please let me know what size, style, saying, and top 2 color choices.

Good old truck pull!

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16 Responses to “T-shirt order”

  1. Color choices for ladies:
    Light Pink, Navy, Black, Red, Charcoal, Royal, Light Blue, Salmon, Cherry Red, Kiwi, Irish Green, Chocolate, Sports Grey

    Color choices for guys:
    Gold, Navy, Forest Green, Black, Orange, Red, Royal, Maroon, Sports Grey

    Please select your top 2.

  2. saLmon colour. Cool

  3. 2 large shirts for me. Sports Grey and Black would be my choice and I would like one shirt with the creed and the other with the If it were easy, it’d be “the other gym”

  4. Black in a large for me with the Crossfit Moncton Creed.

  5. I’ll take one in light pink with the Creed. Second colour choice is kiwi. Size small please.

  6. I’ll take two shirts in Medium.
    Black with “the Creed”
    Maroon with “the other gym”

  7. Great shirts! I told the owner of “the other gym” that I would go to his Zumba class on my rest days! I believe I insulted him!!

  8. xsmall with the creed in salmon or red.

    • I think it only comes in small (it’s 16″ from seam to seam under the chest)

  9. Can you make mine charcoal or cherry red instead of grey or blue please?

  10. KEv I will take an XXL in either grey or black, CF Moncton creed please.

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