And the winners are…


And the winners are…

First off, great job to all of the Paleo Challengers! I’m sure the last 7 weeks were rough, but you made it to the end. I’ve heard a lot of you say that you plan on continuing with the diet and that makes me very happy. I hope more people will hop on board and join in on this great way of eating.

So, here’s how the judging went down. It was based on the following criteria:

Adherence to the diet
Improvement on the three benchmark WODs

The three judges came to a unanimous decision.

The winner for the females – Marlene Saunders

Marlene was able to increase her CF Total by 45 pounds (with a 200# deadlift), shaved off 43 seconds on her row and increased her intro workout by 119 reps!

The winner for the males – Marc Hebert

Marc’s rowing time was insane (7:07), with a 60 pound improvement on his CF Total and 90 more reps on the intro workout! He also stuck with the diet very strictly and used his cheats sparingly.

Congratulations to both of you! As a reward, they will receive a free month of CrossFit!

Marc is celebrating his birthday on the last day of the Challenge.

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  1. Gabrielle

    Congrats Marlene, Mark and all the paleo challengers! It’s not an easy thing to change one’s dietary habits and lifestyle, so my hat goes off to all you. Your results have inspired me to look into the paleodiet and give it a try myself 🙂

    I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

  2. Congrats you guys. Marc, you look feckin’ crazy in that picture! I think Paleo may have had some side effects that you weren’t fully aware of!! 😀

  3. Pierre

    Congrats guys! You all did a good job following the Paleo diet/lifestyle!

    I hope that you will continue to eat Paleo and maybe influence others to try it.
    As we saw in those 7 weeks, it can create some great results!

  4. Sonia

    Well done Marc and Marlene!!! Good job to all the other contestants too, we can all see how you all improved, keep up the good work;)

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