Good Friday

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    1. Rob

      Wow, this is exactly how people get hurt… Pierre could use an intervention!! I hope that it was a 35 pound bar and not a 45. Good thing you were there Dave otherwise Pierre could have spent Easter in a hospital bed.

    1. MC

      AHAHAHAHHA!!!! This is HILARIOUS!!!!

      Btw…Pierre is been complaining about how sore he is from yesterday biceps curls all morning!! He can’t move his harms!

  1. Pierre

    Yeah! I wanted to tell you guys tomorrow, we are moving to Hollywood in 3 months because I want to kick off my new career!

  2. Sonia

    Awesome pic hehehehe!

    Went to MHS with Andrew for a workout… Him and another teacher did Angie… he pucked!!!!

    I did: deadlifts at 205lb 5×5, push press at 95lb 5×5

    row 250m
    3 rounds: 20 DU (did 40 singles cause the rope they had sucked!!!)
    20 pushups

    Time: 5:20

  3. Marc H.

    Went for my first run today. 4.03 Km. jog at 20m41s. Kind of surprised that I didn’t even take one break. Next time I’m going for the 5K. 🙂

  4. david


    Hey guys, Gillyon, Murph and myself, will be heading to Fundy for a hike. Just wanted to extend the offer. We will probably be leaving 1 hour after the workout.

    12-1: drive to Fundy.
    1-4: Hike
    4-5 Return to Moncton.

  5. shallon Saunders

    Hey Guys,Went to Fundy today to go hiking and there is still lots of snow where we went.I would pack the snowshoes 🙂

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